14 February 2014

Let the Muse-iversary Adventure Begin!

Happy Valentine's Day! Or as Jordan calls it, "one giant pink nightmare." Ok, honestly, I don't really care about Valentine's Day. I used to hate it, but that hate has grown into indifference over the years. Luckily, my fiance doesn't care about it either. And of course, I have to work, and it'll be one of the busiest days of the year.

Part of the reason I don't care about V-Day is that February 15th is WAY more important to me. Tomorrow marks the third anniversary of when I started my book, way back when it was just the first few lines of a short story. It's one of those things that feels like it was so long ago and sometimes like it just happened yesterday. It's crazy to think that I'll probably start sending out queries by the end of March. Yikes!

So since February 15 is the day that Jordan was created, I look at it as our anniversary, so I came up with the word muse-iversary. You can imagine how thrilled he is about this. But hey, he's the second love of my life whether he wants to admit it or not, and we're kind of stuck with each other at this point.

I would post something tomorrow, but I'm going to be busy busy busy. I'll be on a bus all day to New York, then out having lots of fun for the night. I just heard it's supposed to snow tomorrow (where the hell did that come from), and I got a cold two days ago. I'm wondering if the universe is playing tricks on me. Really, it wasn't my idea to go on this trip. The universe demanded it. Ok, let me put it this way, if your dream actor for one of your characters had a concert on the anniversary of when you started your book, in the city where the book takes place--isn't the universe telling you to be there?! That's what I thought, anyway. Now it seems to be telling me something different. Oh well, I'm way too committed at this point! But I don't think there will be any picnicking in Central Park. I'll have to save that for another time, I suppose. Mostly I'll just be stuffing my face with whatever food I can find that is also in my book.

Ok, this was supposed to be a short post and I've been rambling like a psychopath. If I take pictures on my trip, I'll post them sometime next week. But there's a good chance I'll chicken out on whipping my phone out in every restaurant to take pictures of my food. And when people stare at me, I can just say, "What? I have a blog, ok?"

Part of the Valentine's Day/Muse-iversary extravaganza is making the cupcakes that are in the third chapter of Uneven Lines! This is the second time I've made them, and honestly, I'm not that great of a baker. So I have this problem where my cupcakes don't live up to the description I wrote in my book. I guess I just can't compete with my fictional characters...oh well, they certainly are pretty! And the raspberry buttercream is yummy!


  1. They look delish! And I love how pretty the icing is. I'm going to be making cupcakes for my kidlet's 2nd bday, and I have got to get an icing piping bag. The swirls look so much better than when it's just smeared all over the top. =)

  2. Happy belated Muse-iversary! I hope the snow doesn't cause too much of a problem (although, I love snow).
    Look forward to seeing your A to Z entries this coming April. :)


  3. The cup cakes look delicious. Glad your book is coming along so well. Hope you don't have too many snow problems.

  4. I suppose it can be a bit of a pink nightmare. Still, those cupcakes look delicious. Hope you had a good trip in NY.

  5. Hope you had a great trip. Those cupcakes look yum. :-)

  6. How fun! I don't even know when my muse-iversary would be...for any of my works. I've been through 5 computers and more than a dozen drafts on most of them, but it would be fun to keep track and celebrate.