01 February 2012

Recap: January

So it’s the first of a new month, and to keep up with my resolutions, I’m going to share my progress thus far. The plan is to continue doing so for the rest of the year. Here we go.

Poems Written: 31/31

Overall, a success, although not every poem was brilliant, of course. A lot of opportunities for editing, and just a few duds. And I’m very proud to say, no haikus. If you’re wondering where I get so many poem ideas from, let me just say that 10 out of the 31 poems were related to my novel (usually written from the point of view of a character), another 10 were about writing in general, and one was about cleaning my apartment. You work with what you got.

Movies Watched: 9

This goal isn’t that hard, especially when I work nights and have the whole day to myself with digital cable on demand. Most of the movies I watched were ones that I was only mildly interested in, but were free.

Favorite Movie: I can’t decide between Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows and My Week with Marilyn. Loved both for very different reasons. I’m also not that good at movie reviewing. We’ll work on that.

Least Favorite Movie: Letters to Juliet. The most predictable load of crap I’ve ever seen. It’s one of those movies where you think the trailer gives away pretty much everything. Well, it did. Not a single surprise, and it wasn’t even heartwarming or mildly amusing.

Books Read: 2

Yes, I know, it’s pathetic. Especially because I should be reading 8 or 9 books to keep up with my goal of 100 for the year.

Favorite Book: Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley. What can I say, I knew about halfway through that this book would break my heart and it did. It brought me to tears; I wanted to throw it against the wall and I screamed at it once.

It wouldn’t really be fair to call my only other book my “least favorite,” so I’ll save this title for next month. I hope.

While I haven’t gotten anywhere on the whole getting published track, it should be said that my drive to write has seriously increased in the last few weeks. I’m hoping for more chapters and hopefully at least one short story in the next month.

Year Totals:
Poems: 31/366
Books: 2/100
Movies: 9/100

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    You should post one poem a week to this blog. Pick the best one or maybe two the best and the worst well, least liked...

    Just make the blog more active and allow folks to see your creativity.

    Every time you post search engines get pinged and more chances for discovery come around. Just an idea after reading that you did 31 poems this month. Hmm, I'd like to read one...

    Love your stuff,