27 May 2013

The Muse Mondays Initiative

After my post last Monday, I realized that Muse Mondays is pretty much the only thing I've been at least somewhat consistent with. I suppose because on some level the muse is my gimmick, my shtick. But then at some point that day it hit me that I want to get more people involved. I don't just want it to be my weekly rant. I want it to be a thing.

How I do this? A blog hop, of course! So I want to recruit you!

Every week I'm going to write a post for Muse Mondays. And you can, too. I think the idea of a muse goes beyond the imaginary friend that helps you write. It’s about inspiration and ideas, too. Where do you find your ideas? What books do you read or music do you listen to that get your creative ideas going?

But since it is also about the imaginary friend who helps you write, I’m going to let mine take over on the first Monday of every month. Starting next week. Scary, right? We haven’t discussed what he’s going to talk about yet. This could be either brilliant or disastrous. But I guess that’s why it’s fun.  

Don’t feel obligated to do the same things I do, or to even write every week. Since it’s all about inspiration, do what inspires you. You can introduce your muse or your characters, or someone in your life who inspires you. 

I’ll have a separate page up soon on the blog with all the details and a place for you to sign up. I’ll probably create a badge for it, too, once I figure out how to do that sort of thing. Since this will probably take forever to get going, if you’re one of the first people to try it with me, I will give you heaps of praise and adoration--meaning links and retweets and such and such. 

So come back next Monday to sign up and see what psycho babble Jordan has to say. And join me in the madness...


  1. Very fun idea! I am trying to get better at blogging again, so this might be just what I need to kick it in gear :)

  2. If the Bookie unchains me from this desk I'd be glad to tap into my Muse (have to use the capital M or she gets REALLY ticked off) Tell me the rules and I'll try hard not to break them.

  3. I might be interested in this! I've had trouble blogging consistently too.