05 July 2013

Vacation Goals!

Today is my last day of work before my 9 day vacation starts! And yes, this last workday is a double (of course), so I'll be brief. I'm not going anywhere (staycation!) and with only a few things planned so far, that leaves me lots and lots of time for writing!

So I've set a few goals for myself, and hopefully I'll get most of them done...

Word Count. It's time to crack down on the first draft. At first I was thinking something ridiculous like 50k, then I thought maybe 30 would be more realistic. But since the first five chapters are around 14k, I brought it down to 20. But then I thought that wasn't good enough. So! The final word count goal for vacation is 25,000. There. That's it. Final decision.

Poems! I don't really plan on writing any new poems unless inspiration strikes, since forcing them never turns out very well. But I have been working on organizing what I have already and getting them polished for submissions. So I'm going to do some more research on different literary magazines and figuring out what poems would work where. No real concrete goal here, just going to try to get a lot done.

Blogs. Obviously I'll still be posting next week, but I also want to write a lot of blog posts that I can save--for all of those times when I don't have the time or energy to get one done. Well, I'll already have them. So the plan is to write 20 blog posts.

Reading. Mmm...books. Finally ordered some books from Amazon and I want to read all of them! First I'll need to finish the books I'm already reading, though. You can check out my progress on Goodreads if you'd like, just find the link on the right of my page. We can be friends, too! Making friends on the internet is so much easier than real life, isn't it?

Do I think I'll get all of this done? Probably not. The word count is the most important goal. I'll be checking next week with what I've accomplished so far. Wish me luck!


  1. That's great. Goals promote drive, so you are obviously not a writer who sits of their hands. Keep up the awesome! :)

    1. Thanks! My problem with goals is that I never actually reach them. Hopefully with more time on my hands that will change.