10 January 2014

In Which I Ramble...Again

I mean, I know I've forced blogging before, but I'm getting a bit ridiculous...

Thanks to everyone who stopped by on Wednesday for IWSG. I loved reading all of your comments, and I got eight new followers that day (woohoo!). 

Bout of Books is not going so well. I finished my first book this morning. I don't know what I expected, really. I barely have time to think, let alone read! But I'll keep going. I have this Sunday off. It's a miracle! No, really, I requested it off, though. I kinda want to watch the Golden Globes. What? Don't look at me like that! Award shows have a weird way of motivating me. 

Work is driving me nuts. I'm exhausted and barely have any time to do what I actually want to do in life. I'm considering more and more the idea of taking some time off just to write. I mean, quitting my job and not getting a new one for a few months. But the thought of that is also terrifying. I know I'll have to plan it out a lot before I even consider it. I'd like to be in a better place with my writing before I do. I'm thinking of taking a vacation at the end of March to figure things and out and just write. I also have my trip to New York in February that I'm excited about. Maybe it'll give me an added boost of motivation. Oh and I did finally book a hotel room and bus tickets, so now it's all about figuring out what to do while we're there. I'm so excited! 

I am, however, feeling a bit more motivated to work on the second draft. I even wrote a few sentences. Maybe Jordan's finally back from whatever rampage he went on since his birthday. Muses can be fickle. I still haven't quite figured out how to map out the next few chapters. But I'm taking it one step at a time. I know what needs to happen next, so I'll just work on that for now and see where it takes me. I did something interesting as well, inspired by one of the comments from Wednesday--I don't write in multiple POVs, but I did write a short little piece in the POV of the other character. And it actually helped me to figure a few things out. It is important, even when writing in first person, to consider what the other characters are feeling. That way their actions and responses can be more genuine. 

Ok, I think I'm done. I still haven't made the bed yet or brushed my teeth...yuck...


  1. I love watching the Golden Globes. That and the Oscars are my guilty pleasure.

    And I have a chapter that I've just started work on. I haven't quite figured it out yet, but I'm going to meander around a bit until I do. Happy Writing!

  2. Well done on the followers! I'd love to go to New York, but unfortunately it's a little more complicated than a room and a bus ticket for me :-(

    Good luck with your second draft :-)

  3. I can totally commismerate w/work. I go through spells where I'm halfway okay with it, and other times I can barely stand walking through the door. Oh, if we were all rich and could just do what we love all day!

  4. That's great you picked up new followers through the IWSG, definitely sounds like it was a success. I've been feeling the same way about work, it can be so draining at times. My ultimate goal is to write full-time but I know I've got a long way to go before I get there.

    Yay for Jordan making a bit of an appearance again. I hope he returns soon for good. :)