26 March 2014


Just popping in real quick today. I know I haven't blogged in forever. I also haven't written in forever. But today is DOOMSDAY and I must spend the whole day writing. 

Oh, it's not nearly as bad as I make it sound. It was just another one of those deadlines I set for myself forever ago that I once again didn't meet. But it's also the sort of thing that will hopefully kick me in the butt. 

It's also the third day of my staycation and I have gotten nothing done yet! It's ok, though. Monday was my fiance's birthday and yesterday was my laundry/errand day. So now it's writing time! I also really really need to plan some A to Z Challenge posts. I haven't thought of a theme yet so I'm thinking I probably won't have one, but obviously every post will be about writing. 

But since it's DOOMSDAY I will be working on the second draft today. All day. That's it. So...off I go! 


  1. Here's to surviving this little apocalypses in your home! :)

  2. Have fun w/DOOMSDAY! =) And the rest of your staycation, mine starts in two weeks and I.Can't.Wait.

  3. Full speed ahead!!! You've encouraged me to do the same and I will as soon as I've finished all the "research" I'm doing online, then I've snacked, snacked some more, taken a break, realised it's late, continued with my "research", got tired, then went to bed.
    So yeah...tomorrow...

  4. Good luck with the writing and I hope you get your A to Z ideas easily.

  5. Good luck on writing and also on the challenge.