16 July 2014

Distractions and Disasters

I have no idea what to write about today. No, seriously. I don't. I don't have any good writing tips today, no big editing achievements to share. Nothing. Also, the fact that my last TWO blog posts didn't require much effort on my part just shows how lazy I am. Or perhaps idea drained...

I feel really distracted lately. My mind keeps wandering off to other projects--things that couldn't possibly help me right now. I know sometimes it's good to take a break when you're immersed in the same story for so long, but I don't feel like I'm getting anything done.

I feel like every idea I ever have to schedule myself never works. And not just when it comes to writing. I'm trying to exercise more and eat better, but my plans aren't going as well as I'd thought. Or maybe it's just because my body isn't used to doing crunches so after the first day my abs were in agony. But it's the same with writing, too. I try to structure myself and it never works. The whole editing hat thing started out great, but I find myself throwing numbers back into the hat because I don't want to work on those parts, which sort of defeats the purpose of the hat. Maybe just working on things randomly really does work best for me. I just feel like I'm not getting things done fast enough.

It's not all terrible, though! I've been doing some brainstorming on the subplot (which actually needs more work than the plot itself) and it's slowly starting to pan out in my mind. I also figured out some scene rearranging yesterday and I think it will all work out. I have to flesh out a particular scene so that it can be its own chapter, but as it's a very symbolic scene, I think I can pull it off. I'm also cutting the only scene that was brand new for the second draft (hmm, there's an idea I could blog about...just not today...).

Anyway, I should go deal with these minor characters. They're driving me nuts...

What is everyone else up to?


  1. I have a subplot that's been giving me trouble. I finally decided to set it off to the side because it was just holding up everything else. I'll go back and work it in at a later point. Apparently my brain only wants to focus on the main storyline right now.

    Best of luck with your minor characters and editing.

  2. Lots of procrastinating. LOTS.

  3. My mind gets distracted too. I should be doing this but I end up doing that, that, and something totally useless! Little steps. I still haven't managed to properly schedule myself, but with little steps, I get things done.

  4. S.E. summed it up. lol If I don't get through this next contest I entered, I'm heading back into the query trenches. I've been scared to for some time.

  5. I recently got the rights back to my first novel and just finished a contest for a new title. My plan now is to reformat it for e-book only release (via Smashwords), which I will do this weekend.

    Father Nature's Corner

  6. Distraction is a place I visit so often, they've even given me my own room.

  7. Some days are just like that. I couldn't focus all day yesterday and I can't afford not to be organized this month, so that put me into a panic, which then put me into a funk. Finally, I took a long walk and cleared my head. Ahhh. Thank you, long walk.