22 May 2015

Party Prep!

It’s Friday and that means we’re just one post away from the epic Muse Party Blogfest! There’s still time to sign up so I’ve included the Linky List below, but click on the link if you need to check out the guidelines! I’m hoping that everyone is going to have an awesome time enjoying the party and getting to know everyone and their muses. Now if I could only find Jordan. He’s supposed to be helping me set up…


*kicks* Wake up!

Huh? Oh man, you gave me the blue font again? I’ll just get back to my nap, thank you very much.

You’re supposed to be helping!

You know this isn’t a real party, right? There isn’t actually anything to set up.

Indulge me. Here, you can blow up the balloons. I have to get back to making cupcakes.

You’re not making those cupcakes, are you?

I always make those cupcakes. I’m practically famous for them.

Except you stole them from my book, you slut.

Excuse me?! You know that phrase “the pot calling the kettle black?” Well this is like the pot calling the porcelain teapot black.

*Pfft* Fine. But it’s not a white teapot. Off-white, maybe.


Ok, geez. Relax. So how many people are coming to this thing?

Twenty-two sign ups so far. So with their muses that makes forty-four….I think I’m gonna need more cupcakes. Are you making anything?

Haven’t decided yet. I think I’ll bring something you can't resist like shrimp cocktail or onion dip so that you’ll just be eating and not yelling at me.

Because that requires sooooooo much work!

Ugh. Fine. Maybe I’ll make some guac. Actually, I’d better get out of here. I’m gonna need like, a million avocadoes…

You just keep blowing up those balloons, mister.

*sigh* I still don’t get why I can’t bring a date.

It’s a muse party. You’re supposed to be my date.

Ew. Are there any guys coming, at least? Or is it going to be a chick fest?

There are guys coming but I’m pretty sure they’re all straight. So no flirting.

Boooooooooooooooooo. You never let me have any fun.

You can make some friends!

I don’t need friends, I need to get laid!

You never struggle in that department so that’s not even true. All right, we’re probably annoying everyone out there so I should wrap this up. We pretty much just need to finish the decorations and the snacks, set up the bar and karaoke machine, and that’s it!

I’m so going to win at karaoke.

It’s not a contest.

I’m still going to win.

You always do. Oh wait, I forgot! I really want to draw a picture of us!


Because it would be cool! Plus no one knows what you look like. Actually, there’s probably still a few people out there who think you’re a girl…

Fine. Draw your damn picture. I’m going to get back to my nap. Who in their right mind has a party on a Monday anyway?

Well, no one blogs on a Saturday night, so…deal with it!


Yeah, this is pretty much what I deal with on a daily basis. No wonder I never get any writing done…

Come back on Monday for all the festivities! And sign up below if you haven’t already. It should be lots of fun!!!


  1. Can't wait to see the picture, I can't draw so it is a skill I admire in others.

  2. He's so sassy! Can't wait to see what else he says on Monday :)

    AJ Lauer

  3. I think your muse is on the right track with a nap. =D

  4. I wish you well with your blogfest. I am unlikely to be around on the day but will try and stop by and see what's been happening later in the week. Enjoy!

  5. Haha, I'd love to see a picture, too! Excited for tomorrow, =)