14 March 2016

Chapter One, Round Three

Don't ask me how I manage to randomly figure things out. I have no idea.

What I really should have been working on this weekend were my A to Z posts. In fact, I was planning on writing about that for this blog post, too. But something even better, something unexpected happened. I'll probably be kicking myself on April 1st for wasting a whole weekend, but in the long run, it will definitely be worth it.

So I've been feeling some inspiration brewing for a while, like a really slow coffee pot that I couldn't touch until it was full. I knew eventually something would happen, I just didn't know when, or how successful that inspiration would be.

Since I was actually off this weekend I had a lot of time to focus on some writing. While I did make a list of potential A to Z post ideas on Saturday, I knew on Sunday what I wanted to do was try writing. Actual writing. Uneven Lines third draft writing. I KNOW, RIGHT??? I don't fully understand how it happened but I'm not going to question it.

I sat down at the table with a notebook, some notes I had made for the new opening, and the 2nd draft, and just started writing. And for once, it actually worked. I started with a complete rewrite of the first scene and managed to get halfway through the first chapter. A few paragraphs from the 2nd draft managed to make the cut, but overall, it's pretty different, and I hope a lot better. But the best part is that I actually wrote something!

I've always thought of the first chapter in three parts, and yesterday I got the first part done. Once the second part is complete, the third will be the easiest because I'm not changing much from the last draft. So if I can finish the scene I'm working on right now, then the whole first chapter will be complete. And then I can keep going. I wasn't sure the third draft was ever going to happen, but it looks like things may just be starting to work out.

AND since it's Pi Day, (and it's entirely relevant!), I thought I'd share a little snippet from the first chapter (just because, ok???). This is right after Jordan meets his math tutor, Tom, and is actually one of the few details that has survived since the original short story I wrote five years ago. Enjoy (I hope...)!

             I moved aside to let him in, taking in a good eyeful while his back was turned. That’s when I noticed he was holding a round dish covered in plastic wrap.
            “Oh,” he said, following my gaze. “It’s a pie.”
            I blinked a few times. “I can see that.”
            “A pie. Get it? Pie? Like pi!”
            He didn’t laugh but by the look in his eyes he thought this was hilarious. I had no idea what to make of him. “So…you brought dessert?”
            He shrugged. “It’s just a fun little icebreaker. You don’t have to eat it now.” He held it out to me with both hands. “It’s key lime, by the way.”
            I took it and placed it on the counter, all the while staring at him with a raised eyebrow. “Where’d you get it?”
            “I made it. Where did you want to set up?”
            My bed? “Uh…living room’s fine.” I led him over to the couch, trying to calm my rapid pulse. Seriously, who was this guy? Math tutor who makes lame jokes with baked goods? But, um, hello—yummy. And I didn’t mean the pie. 

Maybe I'll get to talk about those A to Z posts on Wednesday. Or maybe I'll be so deep into editing/rewriting that I won't be able. Either way, it will be a good thing.


  1. Don't question it! Just keep riding that inspiration wave! :)

  2. I love key lime pie. Sooo good! And great voice, here! And glad it's going well for you.

  3. If it worked, then that's all that matters. You still have two weeks to panic over Challenge posts.

  4. Working on your WIP is never a waste of a weekend!! So glad things are starting to fall into place for you!

    And I love the excerpt. Jordan has a great voice.

  5. Good for you for getting writing done! Happy Pi Day! Fun excerpt. I agree with MJ...you really have Jordan's voice down.

  6. Cool scene! And I like a man who knows how to bake, so that's always a good thing. :) And congrats on getting the writing done!

  7. My motto is whatever works, do it. Stumbling is often my best method, too. It's fun to look back and wonder how you came up something. Great excerpt that you shared.

  8. Hope you get that second scene done and flow right into the third.

  9. JORDAN DON'T DISS KEY LIME PIE! If you don't want it, I'll eat it! ;)
    Hooray for progress! Better late than never, eh?

    1. Maybe I should have included the part later on in the chapter where he eats the whole pie in one sitting...

  10. I need to sit down with my WIP and "just write" the second draft. Your post inspires me :)

  11. When the inspiration flows, you should go with it. And I loved your snippet. I want to meet this dude with the pie.

  12. I love that moment when you just HAVE to start writing, and it makes me happy to see your longhand draft. I love that snippet - do all maths teachers have a really lame sense of humour? I'm sure I remember a couple from school!

  13. That's awesome about how the chapter is working out. And now I kinda want some key lime pie. :)

  14. Hi Sarah, I found your blog through the A to Z Challenge. I'm a sister minion from another mother - AJ Lauer's #wHooligans. Great excerpt...I definitely want to know what happens next...and whether or not it involves key lime pie.

  15. Lol I always say we can make plans all we want (and we should, it's fun!) but the universe has a sense of humour. Like your maths tutor 😉
    Andrea from D's Company #atozchallenge

  16. Great little snippet! Now I'm craving pie....