07 September 2016

Off the Grid

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I've been kind of off the grid lately when it comes to pretty much all forms of writing, blogging, and social media. Probably because I'm going crazy between work and planning this Vegas trip (which is this Saturday!!!!!!!!). I just haven't had the brain capacity for it. I even almost forgot about this blog post and I'm sure it's going to be half-assed since I'm trying to pack for the trip and still have to work the next three days. 

So I'm probably going to stay off the grid until we get back. Then I'd really like to crack down and get back into writing and blogging again. I did finish that Chapter 3 edit a few weeks back, but other than that, I haven't been writing at all. I do want to take a few chapters with me to maybe work on during my flights but I can't promise anything. Usually when I plan to be productive on a plane I just end up watching TV. 

So hopefully I'll start blogging again towards the end of this month. If not, then definitely next month! I kinda still want to do a Halloween themed muse party but I don't know if I have enough time to put that together! And what the heck would Jordan and I wear for costumes??? I'll probably keep up with Instagram during my trip because pretty much the only time I like to take pictures is when I'm doing something fun. Or if my cat is being cute. Or if I bake something...

But anyway, I shall be back (hopefully) in a few weeks! And hopefully with lots of writing happening as well! Right now I have to figure out what book(s) to bring on the plane!!!


  1. I love planning what to read on the plane or to take on a trip, although I tend to take more than I actually end up reading....

    Have a wonderful time, Sarah! :)

  2. It's funny, being off the grid this summer has allowed me to get more writing done than I have in years. A long day of hiking, a lot of sweat and bruises, and a sturdy cloth-bound notebook have gotten me back on track.

    Enjoy Vegas! :)

  3. When planning time away from home, so much falls by the way. Here's hoping you have an awesome time!

  4. Enjoy your trip. Soak up atmosphere, watch people, eavesdrop on conversations. In other words, store up fodder for your writing. Best wishes.

  5. I'm usually too nervous about flying to do any real writing on the plane, but the last time I flew back from Missouri (after seeing my mom), I did manage to get some writing accomplished. Good luck with your trip and jump back into writing when you return.

  6. I worked on edits when I was on the plane during my trip last month. Space was a little tight, but I wanted to take advantage of time. I did bring two books with me to read, and didn't end up reading either of them.

    Have a wonderful trip...Enjoy your time of the grid!

  7. Have a great Vegas wedding!
    A Halloween theme muse party sounds cool.

  8. Have a fantastic time in Vegas!!!

    And we'll be reading more from you soon. Take Care!!!

  9. Enjoy your trip!! I hope you have a wonderful time! Love the idea of a Halloween themed muse party - is it cheating if I bring my Viking again, but he just dresses up as himself ;)?

    Rachel x
    September IWSG co-host

  10. Good work on finishing the chapter 3 edit.

    And I hope you have a blast in Vegas!!! I can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  11. Your cat is cute! And, have fun in Vegas!!!
    Happy writing and life!

  12. Have a great trip, relax, have fun, enjoy, and come back ready to write.
    All the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat Garcia

  13. Traveling by plane is so stressful, I can't imagine trying to accomplish anything during a flight. Then again, I have two munchkins asking for snacks, games, or trips to the bathroom every other minute. If you see a mom on a plane, you are seeing someone hard at work already. Have a great trip, though. I've never been to Vegas.

  14. Hey, I had a DC trip this weekend! I got some editing done while I was in the hotel, but not much. lol I did do some reading, yay. :D

  15. Woohoo! I hope your trip was a blast! I'll have to go stalk your Instagram now.

  16. Hope your trip is/was outstanding. Vegas can be such fun. I haven't been there in almost a year. Maybe I'm due for another visit.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  17. have fun in Vegas.. and keep writing about your trip

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