06 February 2017

Jordan Takes Over: Mix it Up (Also, I'm Not a Girl)

**The first Monday of every month, I let my muse take over the blog. I apologize in advance.**

Look, I feel like there’s been some confusion for people who don’t regularly stop in here (I know the regs know waaaaaaaaaay better. Especially anyone who’s been to a Muse Party and had to deal with my sass in person). But it seems that every so often whenever I make my monthly post, someone comes along and leaves a comment that calls me Miss or Ms. Muse. Well, I’m just gonna have to put my foot down here.  

I’m not a girl. I am, in fact, a guy. I could explain this more graphically if you’d like, but Sarah says I have to keep it PG. And I thought I was allowed PG-13!! Not fair. 

Now I understand where some of the confusion may have started. I don’t really blame you if you just stopped in one day never having heard about me before and just assumed that I’m a girl. Well, first of all, this blog belongs to a girl. Most muses you hear about are also girls. And of course I have a name that could be a girl’s or a guy’s. So sure, fine, I’ll cut you some slack.

Or perhaps you were confused by me talking about a boyfriend or a hot guy or something. Well…you can do math, can’t you? (Let’s not talk about me and math. That’s a looooooooooooong story).

Plus, you can’t actually see me. But remember the Anti-Valentine’s Day Muse Party? With the cartoons? In which I am so clearly a guy?? Remember???? Here, I'll refresh your memory (this is also a fairly accurate representation of my relationship with Sarah): 

She's the one in the pink dress, if that wasn't clear. I don't like pink.

Why does this require an entire blog post, you say? I’m not just whining here, I swear. And it is not because of my "fragile masculinity," no matter what Sarah tells you. Yes, I can have that. Doesn't mean that I do.

Well, because writers can write about whatever the hell they want. And they can write from whatever character’s point of view that they want. So just because a writer is a girl doesn’t mean her first person narrators all have to be girls, too. She can write from a guy’s POV. Or vice versa, of course. If writers could only write about characters who were exactly like them, that would be soooooo boring! Blech. Ugh. No thanks.

That whole "write what you know" advice can be complete crap, really. What, are you all just supposed to write autobiographies? Have a little diversity, people. Mix things up. Write from someone's point of view that's different from you. Write about things that never happened to you. Research exists for a reason, right? I mean, sure, my life story would probably be pretty interesting (not trying to brag or anything), but is everyone's? Who wants a boring story? NO ONE. Duh. 

So, in conclusion: write whatever characters you want. Also, I am not—I repeat—NOT a girl.



  1. Nice to hear from you, Jordan, and good on you for clearing that up. I tend to think of Jordan as a boy's name first, so no confusion here. I agree that "write what you know" is a very restrictive rule - I wrote about the same thing for IWSG not so long ago. I did try writing from a female POV in an early book, but I'm not sure it was too successful. Might have another go sometime!

  2. Jordan can be either a boy or girl (I have a relative who is a girl Jordan) but I knew you were a guy.
    Women probably do better writing as the opposite sex than guys do.

  3. Once upon a time, I used to leave comments on a blog forum that was mainly focused on critiquing queries. Since I offered my opinions and advice with no apologetic IMHO posturing, many people assumed I was a guy. I found that hilarious and interesting at the same time.

  4. I love this post! Our muses do not have to be the same gender as us. I also wholeheartedly agree about the whole write what you know crap. It's one piece of advice that should erased.

  5. I love this! Yes! Research! Write with passion!

  6. "She's the one in the dress." HAHAHA! I think the first post I saw years ago about Jordan I did think he was a girl. Sorry, Jordan. :P

  7. One could argue right now you're whining like a girl, Jordan (but that'd probably sexist to say, but since I'm a girl it's not, right? LOL)

  8. That was a fun introduction to your muse :-) I love this idea of letting Jordan take over the blog. Cheer - Ellen

  9. LOL He is whining like a girl.

    I enjoyed writing from a man's perspective in my series. So much simpler.

  10. Never let your muse take over. I think he's the source of all my writing problems in the first place.

  11. Woah, dude, a male muse...totally radical! I like your career choice. Kind of like a motivational speaker, but room and board is always free. I have to agree. While writing "the other" can be tricky, it's definitely a good tool to have at your disposal.

    A request for brief creative help: https://intotheravenousmaw.blogspot.com/2017/02/a-request-for-creative-aid.html.

  12. Hehehehe I've had it worse where I assumed a guy was a girl and referred to him as "she" in a blog post. >_<

    But to be fair, his name is a feminine one in my country, so I made an assumption. You know what they say about assumptions?