06 July 2022

Stuck in Many Ruts

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I have been in such a rut lately. I know I've been talking about not writing for quite some time now, so much so that I actually skipped IWSG last month because I was so sick of talking about it. But it's not just the writing. 

I haven't been reading much at all. I've been stuck on the same book for literally the whole year so far, with no desire to finish it or to try reading something else. I feel like I don't know what I like to read anymore, so it's hard to decide. I have a few horror books on my wishlist recommended by a Youtuber I watch, and I don't typically read horror but I do like horror movies, so I thought trying something different would be a good idea. 

Speaking of movies, I haven't been watching too many of those, either (although I feel I should get some credit for binge watching the latest season of Stranger Things, especially since that last episode was movie length). I typically have a goal to watch 100 movies in a year, and I have so many streaming platforms with a ton of movies on my watchlists, but I've only watched 26 so far this year. I don't know what my issue is here, I think I just get sucked into watching reruns on TV on my days off instead of actually picking something to watch. 

I started using Letterboxd to track my movies, so if anyone else is on there, we can follow each other! You can find my profile here. 

I also haven't been using social media very much anymore. I very rarely post on Twitter or Instagram. Even when I've taken pictures, I just haven't had the motivation to post anything. I guess I'm experiencing social media burnout. I just don't have the desire to do it. 

The only thing I've been really focusing on lately is getting back into dieting and exercising. It's definitley something I need to do and if it's all I can motivate myself to do right now, then that's ok. I always work better with a deadline, and my husband and I are going to New York for our anniversary in September (I haven't been there in five years!), so I really want to lose some weight before then so I can look good! 

I don't really know how to get out of all these ruts. I try to just take things day by day. 


  1. Sometimes, it really does seem like a rut inside a rut inside another rut. I wish I had rut-scaling tips for you. I'm not all that good at it, though, so I'll just commiserate.

  2. Sometimes reruns offer a comfort of predictability. In such uncertain times, it's easier to cling to what we know, to things that are certain to turn out the way we remember. Places where things make sense.
    New shows, movies, books, writings, social media... we don't know what will happen, what we'll encounter, what emotions might happen.
    Sometimes adding some meditation can help with that. Asking yourself after why you're sticking to ruts and routines, and letting yourself write or doodle without thinking too much. Just letting whatever happens flow onto a page.

    Hope your NY trip goes well. Happy almost anniversary.

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  3. Well, those are good things to focus on. Get that in a good place and then other stuff will come back.
    We managed to make Stranger Things last a week and then two days. The ending was great although sad - poor Eddie.

  4. I haven't been reading much lately. I keep picking up books and putting them back down because I'm just not interested in reading them.

    We just started watching season four of Stranger Things. I was certainly surprised to see the runtime on that final episode.

  5. Sounds to me as if your creative well is empty/burned out. It takes time to recover. Be kind to yourself!

  6. I've been there--having books you want to read, but you don't want to read them. Having writing you want to do, but you don't want to do it. It's a rough spot. I hope you find your way out of the funk.

  7. I've been in a similar sort of rut, just starting to come out of it after several months. I've also struggled with what to read next, and I think it's because I'm putting too much pressure on myself. Read books about writing! Read in my genre! Read possible comps! Ugh. Makes reading feel like homework.

    I hope you get your groove back soon. Hang in there.

  8. I've felt the way you've been, although I've read and watched TV a lot. I didn't much care about whether I wrote or not. I wrote about what energized me and got me out of my slump. Not for everyone, though. I hope things work out for you.

  9. OK your fan club is encouraging you. Good. Writing has been so important to me that times when I can't write have been dismaying. Yet somehow, I do persevere. Trying a different genre, format, or drawing may help. On the weight loss front, my husband and I both lost 35 pounds effortlessly by doing only two things: 1) no junk food, and 2) vegetarian meals most of the time. It took commitment but results started right away, motivating us to continue this life change. I hope that helps. Still, you wrote for IWSG this month. Congratulations!

  10. i’m glad i’m not the only one with social media burnout!
    i also have been in search of good movies to watch... i will check out letterboxd, thanks!
    and every summer i try to pay more attention to a healthier diet because i have an extended amount of free time which can lead to bored snacking!
    have a blast in NY!
    Tara Tyler Talks

  11. I had social media burn out to the point that a hacker took over my account and ran it better than I did.

    I step away when I'm feeling book fried and come back when I'm refreshed.

  12. I feel you. Burnout is real, and it can be brutal. I hope you feel better soon.

  13. I feel you. I've been in this phase. I think I'm still just getting out of it. A few weeks back it felt like one battle after another. But it getting better now :)