07 December 2022

It's the Most Chaotic Time of the Year

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This month's optional question is: It's holiday time! Are the holidays a time to catch up or fall behind on writer goals?

We're gonna go ahead and ignore the fact that I haven't been very good at keeping up with my writer goals for the entire year and say the holidays are definitely a time to fall behind on them. 

Christmastime always feels very chaotic for me. Every year as it approaches, I tell myself I'm going to keep it simple this time, and every year, I do nothing of the sort. I go absolutely nuts with presents ideas. I usually come up with several themed gift baskets for family members. Here's just a few I've made over the years: 

Movie night



Christmas cookie

I guess technically this year I'm taking a step back by not making a basket for every single member (or couple) in my family. My main project is for my sister and brother-in-law (it's inspired by the album Harry's House and it's completely insane and I'm completely insane for doing it), but I'm also making a smaller bloody mary themed one for my dad (the drink! I've found some cute stuff like pepperoni straws and little cocktail picks with plastic pickles and olives at the end.). I'm also just filling a basket with candy for my niece, whose birthday is three days after Christmas so I tend to get her a lot of stuff. 

I swear that's it! Unless I think of more ideas...

I go kind of psycho with all of my ideas and running to different stores and websites to get just the right things for each basket idea. My husband just kind of lets me do my thing and says, "let me know when you need some money." 

Speaking of hubby, we are the exact opposite when it comes to gift giving. I'm always trying to find some gifts that he'd never expect, while creating an Amazon wish list that tells him exactly what to get me (LOL!). 

And we can't forget the baking! Hours spent browsing Pinterest for the perfect recipes (usually cookies...at least 2 different kinds...sometimes more...), and then the actual baking in my tiny apartment that takes forever. 

So yeah, not a lot of writing related activities around this time of year. The good thing, especially this year since I've felt so creatively drained, is that I get to actually use my creativity to the fullest extent. It's not for writing, but at least it's something! I'll take cookies and gift baskets over sitting around doing nothing. 

Happy Holidays!!


  1. It sounds like you have lots of fun activities to do over the holiday season. I think it's important to enjoy the special times in life with our family and friends and not worry about writing when we can experience these special moments. Happy Holidays!

  2. Those gift baskets are a clever idea! Probably cheaper to make them yourself as well.
    I'm tough to buy for as there's nothing I need...

  3. I'd love to be related. I'd wait for Christmas morning with baited breath. You sound like you're having fun. Merry Christmas, Sarah!

  4. Christmas baskets! a lovely idea. As long as you have fun putting them together that's all that matters. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Those Christmas baskets are adorable. I need to make a movie one for my husband.

  6. This year I was going to do themed gift baskets for some friends but it devolved into "I think they'll like this" baskets with no theme at all. LOL

  7. It's nice that you're able to think up gifts people will like and enjoy. I often resort to Amazon lists myself. Those baskets look pretty darn nice! Good job!

  8. I like your husband's approach. Very Christmas-y. LOL.