23 October 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog

My goal for this blog is to post something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Most of the time, however, that doesn't happen. For all of my various excuses, I think I've really narrowed it down to two.

The first reason we'll call exhaustion. I think this covers both long work days (like my 13 hour shift last Monday) and just generally being tired. So even if I have time to write a blog, sometimes I'm just too tired to actually do it. I know this isn't a very good excuse, but I'm sure most of you can also relate. Also, the solution to this problem is pretty obvious. I need to write my posts ahead of time. I could even type the posts up on Blogger and just save them rather than posting. Then on the posting day, just click Publish. It's that simple.

Of course, it's easier said than done. Finding the time to get a bunch of blog posts done is difficult, especially when there's editing and NaNo prep, and well, life. And there's also the problem that is my second reason for not blogging regularly: not having any ideas.

I think my two problems are combined most of the time, actually, but it's the second one that really stops me from blogging. How do you blog when your mind is blank? When there are no ideas that pop up, nothing interesting going on to tell everyone about. I'm in between things right now, I finished my book and I'm waiting for November to start my NaNo book. So there's nothing going on right now. I haven't gotten deep enough into editing to offer any progress or advice. So what the hell do I write about?

That was my problem for today and answering that question will only work for this one post. If I have the same problem on Friday, then maybe I won't blog at all. Which leads to me to an even bigger question: is it better to not blog or to blog about nothing?

I suppose the obvious answer is that you must, under any and all circumstances, blog something. Surely you can find something to talk about, even if you're just rambling about life in general. I guess the only problem with that is that you still want your blog to have some focus. I write about writing, so if I'm not writing, then what do I write about? What sort of topics are going to intrigue my followers or anyone who stumbles upon my blog or my tweets to actually read through to the end? Should I be writing about more topics, things that interest me or relate to my writing somehow? I really don't know. But it is something I've been thinking about.

So what do you think? Blog or not blog? Where do you get ideas from? Should I expand on the things I write about?


  1. The way I see it there are two types of bloggers. The first focuses on a topic, delivering posts that will consistently please her audience. The second writes on whims, following the leads of her passions. The first blogger carries a heavier burden. She is apt to burn out, and it's better to have a blog than no blog. She also needs to be an authority on her subject in order to be effective.

    1. I think whenever I try to focus just on writing advice, I tend to burn out and run out of ideas. That's why I also like to ramble about my own writing.

  2. I personally don't blog when my mind goes blank. Without focus I'm certain I'll just babble and have nothing to say. So, to keep my posts as meaty and meaningful as I can, I removed all evidence of an intended schedule (lol) and started posting when I wanted. I usually aim for at least 7 posts a month but if it doesn't happen it doesn't happen. I find I come up with more ideas when I don't stress about it. I don't want my blog to feel like a burden of a chore.

    1. I'm sort of torn, because I do feel the same way, but I also want to be consistent with my posting. I think if I try to plan ahead I'll be able to accomplish that.

  3. The first year I did NaNo I was blogging daily at the same time. It was tough at times, but since I was heavily into networking my time wasn't consumed. For a blog like yours I think content is important even if you keep posts short. You might want to consider that option. Your blog reflects your writing and you never know who might be reading.

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