06 December 2013

Things I Should Be Doing

Since I couldn't quite decide what to write about today, I thought I'd provide a sort of counterpart to my Things I'm Doing Today post. Because that was a busy day, and today is not. So here are the things I should be doing.

Turning off the TV
If I can turn it off before the Law & Order: SVU marathon starts, then maybe I can save myself. Oh wait, was Glee new last night? It was, wasn’t it? Uggggh…must…resist…On Demand screen!!!!

Grocery shopping
            Seriously, I have no food.

Working on my 100 facts
Still at 55. I’m sure I can come up with more ideas. Right? I just don’t want them to be nonsense! Like this post!

I know I write better when I’m also reading something. But then reading takes away time that could be spent writing! I can’t win! I’ve got a pile of books waiting for me. I still have J.H. Trumble’s latest book, but I kind of don’t want to start reading it because I don’t want to be done reading her books. I love them so much! And I know the universe wants me to read David Sedaris but I’ve only gotten two stories into Naked and that was like, two months ago. Somebody tell my books to stop staring at me.

Planning this stupid trip
Still no hotel room. No bus tickets. No dinner reservation. I still want a picnic, though. Yes, in February. It could happen.
Writing my synopsis
Do I really think I’m going to be able to do this last minute? No, this needs to be crafted. Every sentence needs to be perfectly executed, giving just enough detail to tell people about the story and still leave them curious.

Doing more to promote my blog
            It’s not like this is something new or anything.

Actually venturing out into the world to do my Christmas shopping
But…but…that would require interacting with people. And finding a parking spot. And dodging psychos with shopping carts. It’s just so easy to point and click and wait for a package! I’m introverted, what do you want from me?!

And finally...

Things I’m Actually Doing That Aren’t Useless:

I did start my second draft last night. Totally revamping the first chapter. I wanted to start in a scene rather than having a whole page of exposition before anything happens. I really like how it’s coming out so far. And I’m handwriting it! How crazy is that?!

I'm also planning out my blog posts for next week. Sort of a buildup to the 100th post. I think I’ll post the synopsis sometime during the week, so that on Sunday I can just focus on the 100 facts and not have the post be too long. I’m also thinking of sharing some snippets of dialogue in a post called “The Dialogue Awards.” Hopefully they’ll make sense out of context. But I’ve got fun categories, like “Most Romantic,” “Best Inappropriate Comeback,” and “Best Brian Still Doesn’t Know that Jordan is Gay Line.” Should be fun!

Well, hopefully this post was good for a laugh. Come back next week when all the festivities begin! Still don’t know what to get Jordan for his birthday, though. It’s kinda hard to keep a secret from someone who lives in your brain…



  1. We are kindred spirits- I too am struggling through Mr. Sedaris' Naked and have been for SEVERAL months. Every time I thik I need to sit down and read another story I think "But I have episodes of Cupcake Wars on the DVR..." It's BAD. And I have also not started my X-mas shopping yet, though I plan to do all of it online as I am also an introvert and tend to have a bit of a panic attack around crowds.
    Gotta put a reminder in to stop by next week for the festivites!

    1. Wow! Crazy coincidence. I really just hate going out into the world this time of year. It's bad enough just going to work.

  2. Good idea to handwrite your second draft! That will save you the temptation of copypasta. Let me know how it goes.

    1. For some reason it just felt right, which was weird since I always type everything. Plus I figured when I type up my handwritten draft, I can edit as I go. Fix any of the obvious stuff right away.

  3. It definitely was good for a laugh. And I could relate to so much of it. I cracked up at the tv entry, I am a total tv addict. :D

    Have a great weekend, Sarah.

    1. Glad it was good for a chuckle. TV keeps me from being productive far too often.