29 December 2014

What I Got for Christmas...

I was thinking of doing your typical January/New Year's Goals post, but since I'm running around like a nut doing 10 loads of laundry this morning, I thought I'd keep this post short and sweet. I'll possibly write about my goals on Wednesday. Possibly. 

I hope everyone had a great holiday and got all of the presents they wanted! I never know what to ask for when Christmas rolls around. I already have way too much stuff and no room to put it, so I end up being too practical about presents. I asked my fiance to put air in my car's tires and replace my missing hubcap, just because I didn't want to do it. I guess I'm weird, but that's the sort of thing I usually want. That or cash. 

The downside was that I knew every single gift I was getting this year, because it was all stuff I asked for. I guess the upside was that I couldn't possibly be disappointed. So I did get a lot of practical stuff--a new pillow, gray winter gloves to match my scarf, a yoga mat. But I got some fun stuff, too. The new Anne Rice book, the next Game of Thrones book I needed, Criminal Minds Season 9 on DVD, and CANDY!!!

And these adorable Funko Pop dolls of Kristoff and Sven from Frozen. Because I'm an adult, I swear. 

Everyone needs at least one toy for Christmas, right? Including Gizmo. By the way, I didn't ask the cat to pose with all of my presents. He just refused to move. 

What did you guys get for Christmas? Any good toys? 


  1. Looks like a good haul! I got lots of books - pretty much all the ones I asked for. :) And my husband always does a good job of getting me thoughtful, creative presents.

  2. Toys are so much fun, I don't care what the poo pooers says. Good stuff, Happy 2015.

  3. Getting what you ask for isn't exciting but it is awesome. I usually never get what I ask for. lol I love that you got Orbit gum. ;) Happy New Year!!!!

  4. My wife got me a really cool marvel bag and my mother bought me a samurai sword umbrella. What more did i need. The highlight of my Christmas Day was that my 2 year old finally seems to get the concept of unwrapping presents.

    By the way, your cat looks like one of those quiz show girls that show off what prizes you could win.

    Have a good New Year!

  5. The kidlet got quite a bit of candy, but of course I've been eating it too, b/c I can. not. resist. =) The main things I got were a pretty white bowl(I love white dishes), a gift package of Winter Candy Apple from Bath & Body, and a $50 gc to Khols! I'm going to save it for buying new clothes for the writer's conference I'll be going to this spring.

  6. I didn't ask for anything, but I did get The Emotion Thesaurus...finally!

    Happy New Year!!!

  7. Wishing you a very happy & Prosperous New Year ..Thanks for all the support! Keep writing! Keep lighting!…BEST PRAYERS FOR FUTURE!!

  8. Nice! I had a Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas myself.

    See you in 2015, Sarah. Happy New Year! :)