16 February 2015

The Muse-iversary Gift

I'm one of those weird people who keeps track of important dates and occasionally celebrates them like an anniversary. Yesterday was especially important because it marked exactly four years since I wrote the very first words that would eventually be my novel. It's a weird feeling, because it doesn't really feel like it's been that long. And then again I think, holy crap, it has been that long and I'm still working on it. I really wish I had more to show for four years but I also know that a lot has happened in between that has kept me from working on it as much as I would like.

Ok, I'll talk about something else before this gets too depressing. I call February 15 my "muse-iversary," because it was the day that Jordan first popped into my head and then decided never to leave. And I think you should be able to have an anniversary with your muse if you want to. Go on. I give you permission.

Here's the best and most surprising thing about yesterday: Jordan gave me a present! It's so very much unlike him, right? I know you're probably wondering, what the hell could a muse give as a present? Well, it wasn't inspiration; I didn't write for hours and hours. I would have loved that, but what I actually got was even better.

I figured out not one, but TWO things that were bothering me about the book in one quick little five minute brainstorm. I basically was able to solve one problem, and then use that solution to solve another problem. I was so excited by this revelation that I started dancing. Other people do that, right? I just love that feeling when things that were so frustrating and so impossible to figure out just start falling into place, and you figure out something that makes so much sense you can't believe you didn't think of it before.

You're probably wondering if I got Jordan anything. Well, I made cupcakes, of course. There is a Valentine's Day cupcake in the third chapter of my novel, and since Valentine's Day and the muse-iversary are back to back, I kinda have to make them every year. I also finally got a spiffy cupcake holder!

There's a raspberry surprise inside! 

Ok, now that I've further convinced you of my insanity, I think I'll go check out some other blogs...


  1. I'm drooling. And I can't bake. So now I'm sitting here like a junkie wondering where I can score some cupcakes.

  2. Oooh--cupcakes! I can understand how you might keep a mental note of milestone dates such as you have. I, on the other hand, have to make very special efforts to remember the notable dates in my life like anniversary, wife's birthday, kids birthdays--and the older I get, the more new dates there are to remember. I'm not about to come up with any new ones.

    And be careful as you head out to the other blogs--we're all a bit touched in the head.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  3. I've actually had to stop baking things through fear that I may explode into a giant dough woman. Feeling frumpy and putting on weight sucks, but it always feels like not being able to eat cakes sucks more. Fuck it. I'm making a banana cake later. Thanks Jordan.

    Damn it...

    p.s I worked on my last story for 8 years. It was a massive learning curve. No regrets.

  4. Glad you solved two of your problems.
    Did Jordan like his cupcakes?

  5. Happy Muse-iversay!!!!! :D I really love this idea! If only I knew the exact day I sat down to write my first book when I was twelve. That unknown day is my muse-iversary.

  6. Mmm, those cupcakes look good, and happy muse-iversary! It's definitely satisfying when you can resolve issues with your story, especially because those issues can make it more difficult to finish the book.

  7. Happy Museaversary! That sounds like a wonderful thing to celebrate!

  8. What a great museaversary gift! And yum. Those look so delicious.

  9. I honestly don't think keeping track of the day you started your novel (or anything else) is odd. A novel is a huge undertaking. I'd be proud, too. It doesn't matter that you can't churn out a book each year; it simply takes as long as it takes.

    Congratulations on the plot breakthrough!

  10. mmmmm...cupcakes and inspiration....

    Check you my blog!


  11. I love raspberry!

    I'm not sure when the characters for my series popped into my head. It all came from a dream I had sometime in August 2002.

  12. My mouth started watering as soon as I saw those cupcakes- and the inside looks sooo yummy. You do a terrific job on icing, girl. Congrats on the musiversary!

  13. Oh my God, those look yummy.

  14. Happy Musiversary! I don't keep track of dates, but I am all for celebrating. :)