06 July 2015

Jordan Takes Over: Let Sleeping Muses Lie

**The first Monday of every month, I let my muse take over the blog. I apologize in advance.**

So I'm in trouble, apparently. What else is new? I'm always in trouble. Ok, sometimes on purpose. Because figuring out a way to get out of trouble can be fun. Or seeing how long you can get away with something (hello reason why my novel even happens!).

But anyway. I'm in trouble with Miss Writer Lady because she can't keep her dates straight. Look, I do not have enough time to keep track of every single blog post, or when certain things should be posted. And yet this morning she tweets: "Well then. Wrote an entire blog post, previewed it, & was about to hit publish when I remembered it's Jordan's day to post. WAKE UP, MUSE."

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up a minute. First of all, I'm pretty sure that's slander. I'm calling my lawyer. Second, ok, yeah, I like to sleep. It's one of my favorite things, after all. But still. Like I said, I'm not in charge of these things! If she forgets that it's my day, how is that my fault??? It's her job to remind me, because I'm probably sleeping!

Look! It's even on her calendar! So how is this my fault??!! Notice all the empty dates with no ideas in them. Also not my fault.

When has anyone in the history of ever been able to force their muse into doing something? I mean, really. You can ask nicely. But if we're sleeping then just leave us alone! Trying to wake us up just doesn't work. We will let you know when we're good and ready to inspire. Usually when you're trying to sleep. HA.

I don't see what the fuss is all about. This all worked out in the end. Ok, look. See, now she already has a post written for Wednesday. YOU'RE WELCOME. I'm so under appreciated.



  1. I know I've never been able to force my muse into doing something. It never gets me anywhere.

    Always love your posts, Jordan. :)

  2. Those muses are a pain sometimes!

  3. Love this post! Jordan cracks me up. I totally agree - I can never force my muse to do anything but when I finally give up, she pops up with something new...usually at midnight when I'm trying to sleep.

  4. Uppity muse! Get up and get to work or your writer might replace you.

  5. This is epic. I saw that tweet and it made me laugh. I had to come right on over to see what kind of post Jordan would create. :P

  6. My muse does what she wants, when she wants too. Although, I think I'm the one that sleeps more. XD

  7. lol, the muse rules the day, at least when they have floor.