10 July 2015

My Muse's Boyfriend

Every so often you'll create a character who causes trouble. They don't do what they're told, they run amok creating new plot lines and relationships, maybe even an entire new book (*cough cough*). They keep bothering you with their new ideas to the point where you're not sure who's in charge anymore.

Sounds like a muse, right? Except I already have a muse, and he's not the one who keeps bugging me, throwing ideas at me, invading my dreams (I wish I was kidding). But it's not like they don't know each other. This pestering character is actually Jordan's boyfriend. Well, future boyfriend.

I say future because they don’t get together until Book 3, and I’m still working on Book 1 (but my muses are technically ageless/can change their ages, so they are together? Maybe? It’s ok, I don’t understand it either…).  He’s not even in Book 1, actually! But whenever I think about Book 3, there he is, telling me what to do. Hogging my attention when I should be focusing on the first book. Just like a….A MUSE. 

His name is Adam and he’s a bass-playing, bisexual JERK who always has perfect hair for some reason. He was supposed to be straight. No, wait, let me rephrase that. His sexuality wasn’t supposed to matter. No details about him (including his hair) were supposed to matter!  All he was supposed to do was stand there in the background, play bass for the band when it was necessary, and maybe if he was lucky I’d throw him a line or two. But nooooooooooo. That wasn’t good enough. He wanted an upgrade. 

So Adam is the main love interest for Jordan in Book 3. Actually, he's the whole reason Book 3 exists. Because he told me (Yes, told, not asked. Because he's pushy.) that he was going to come out to Jordan at the end of Book 2. I had two responses: A) So? You're not important, and B) That doesn't mean you're gonna get together. He just said, "Are you sure about that?" and then threw all of Book 3 at my head. Characters, right? They don't like to listen. 

I have such mixed feelings about Adam because as a character, I adore him. Seriously, he's too perfect. I need to give him a flaw. But this pseudo-muse version is getting on my nerves. I dreamt about him singing a song (one that I hadn't heard in years) and now it's on my playlist for Book 3! You’d think I could get Jordan’s help on this. He’s not exactly one to give up the spotlight. But no, all he can do is blink innocently and say “What? I can’t say no to that hair.” I think he just likes not having to do all of the muse-work.

But I did not sign up for a second muse! Especially one who is dating my first muse! No no no no no. I’ve done this before. When I was a teenager my muses were a couple from a book series I was working on. It’s just awful. They’re either ganging up on you or just not inspiring you even a little bit because they’re too busy doing…err, things. Either way, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Seriously, though, Adam needs to back off a little. If he’s not careful, I’m gonna change his name to Yoko. Or I could always kill him off! Oh, who am I kidding? My characters never take my threats seriously…

Do you have any characters who won't leave you alone? Ever had a couple for muses (DON'T DO IT)? 


  1. Another reason to be thankful I don't write. Sounds complicated to put it mildly. Seems like you are overwhelmed by Adam of the perfect hair.

  2. I both love and hate when minor characters take over like that. I love it because it can be incredibly exciting, but hate it because it messes with my carefully thought-out plans.

    There's a character in the book I'm writing now that did that. He wasn't supposed to be around for more than a few scenes in a few chapters. Now he's getting a supporting role in the third book, and quite possibly his own spin-off series later on down the road.

    My characters never take my threats seriously, either.

  3. I've had characters who insisted on stories of their own; they actually succeeded in "replacing" characters that I thought would be the main focus of the story. And once I listened to them, the story flowed more smoothly.

  4. I haven't had a minor character take over like that. They've surprised me plenty of times, but they never got more pushy then the MC.

    I probably just jinxed myself.

  5. Your muses dating! This was hilariously fun to read! But, (sigh), my characters do have a way of making me do what they want to do.

  6. Adam sounds like a very determined muse! I don't think I have ever had a character that insistent before ... yet!

  7. Those pesky muses will have their day and their say. Thanks for the blitz visit.
    Susan Says

  8. The character's flaw is easy to see, he is pushy. lol, I'm glad I am not the only one who can hear my character's talk.

  9. Fortunately, I'm not that far into my writing career where I have to worry about certain characters bothering me. Then again, I am writing a trilogy of sorts, so the main character is bothering me to a certain extent.

    Never had two muses at the same time. Only one, and she wouldn't dare share me with another.

    Father Nature's Corner

  10. Wow very cool. I've had characters take over, she went as far as to hint at her death. At the time of writing I didn't get it until she was gone. I bawled when I hit that spot. But I've never had one become muse. Have you considered maybe he's supposed to be the muse of book 3? Does that make the idea any easier to stomach?