26 October 2015

The Listing Hop

To celebrate eight years of blogging, Bish Denham is hosting a blog hop! All we have to do is make a list. Well, I love making lists, so I hopped right on board with this one. Happy blogiversary, Bish!!

Ok, while I really do love making lists (writing this blog post is on the top of today's to-do list!), it took me forever to come up with something for the hop. I just wanted it to actually be interesting and possibly writing related. Last week I talked about how I was thinking about some scenes from Book 3 and how if those particular scenes were inspiring me the most, it was ok to work on them, even if Book 3 isn't my main focus. Since it's almost November, for a split second I thought, "hey, why don't I try to write Book 3 for NaNoWriMo?" and then immediately realized what a horrible idea that was. So, here they are:

Reasons Why I Should Not Try to Write Book 3 for NaNoWriMo

  • I haven't outlined Book 3 yet (I know, I don't outline, but for the sequels I'm trying to get ahead and be organized about it)
  • I haven't written Book 2 yet 
  • What I really should be working on is the third draft of Book 1 (yeah, yeah...)
  • There are probably a few things I need to figure out for Book 1 that will be important in Book 3
  • Ok, probably Book 2, too
  • I have zero understanding of how the music industry works and since that's the subplot of Book 3, I should probably do a lot of research first
  • I still haven't come up with a name for Jordan's band (!)
  • Most of my characters don't have last names yet: Eric (ERIC! He's been around forever and I haven't given him a last name! Shame!), Adam, Ben, ok, pretty much everyone...
  • I still need to change Joe's first name. Can't commit to a new one. (It may be Max. Maybe. Possibly.) 
  • Ben's wife needs a name, too. (Karen? I don't know...)
  • I still have not come up with an accurate way to describe Adam's hair 
  • I've got way too many characters who feel like popping in for just one scene and I need to figure out what else to do with them (I'm looking at you, Ethan, Paul, Emma, Anthony, Allison, Abby, Ben)
  • Utilizing said characters will make this the longest novel ever
  • Actually, I probably need to write Emma's side book first, too
  • At this point the plot is comprised of just a whole lot of sex scenes and I need to tone it down (they can't ALL be so important that I can't skip over them but try telling that to my brain right now)
  • There's just no way I'll have time to write a whole novel in a month
  • I've never ever won NaNo and I don't think it will happen this time, either
  • I'm crazy, but not that crazy

All right, I'm done. I didn't think I actually had that many reasons. So yeah, not happening. Hope everyone tackling NaNo does not have a list like this!!


  1. The one thing on this list that trumps all the other things is that you absolutely must write the first two books before the third in a trilogy. If there is some scene that you know happens in the future, but don't know when, write it. Just call it Future Scene at ________ or Future Scene About ______. You write book three now and you will only rewrite it after you write one and two. I guarantee you will make choices that shock you and they will make the things that you wrote in book three impossible, because that isn't even an option any longer.

    Write the next draft of book one. Decide on names. Eliminate unnecessary characters. Decide if all that sex is really moving your story forward. If it isn't... nix.

    So easy to see it for someone else. My OWN writing is much harder to navigate;)

  2. Now I'm discouraged, and I'm not even writing it.
    Maybe write Book II instead?

  3. On the other hand, if you write book 2, it might have important implications for revisions on book one... Yeah, I'm that person... WRITE WITH US!!!

  4. I went through NaNoWriMo one year with a character named Mercenary Guy. I never have a plan for it; I just jump in and see where it goes. That said, I'm on the fence about NaNo (but leaning toward not participating) because I don't have a solid plan for my book 3. :)

  5. I like your list. Figuring out a hair description is definitely critical. :)
    I've decided to try NaNoWriMo for the first time but I can see why it's a hard decision. I'm not sure I'I'll "win" but I figure any forward motion is progress.


  6. All sex scenes? You have some horny characters.

    I've never attempted NaNo. One day.

  7. No Nano for me either. If I survive the two writing deadlines at the end of this week, I'm taking some time off to breathe. Oh wait. I think I'm supposed to market of the things I'm turning in. Boogersnot!

  8. "I'm crazy, but not that crazy." LOL!!! That made me laugh.

    I've never tried NaNo, but I keep saying I will...eventually. Maybe. :P

  9. I would accuse you of making excuses, but it probably is a good idea to get books 1 and 2 finished. PORBABLY. ;)

  10. Be a rebel, use it to finish the other two books first---I am doing short stories and revision for NaNo this time, Not really worried about making the word count just developing habit and pushing myself to write everyday straight for 30 days. Just a thought
    Juneta Writer's Gambit

  11. You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish when you set your mind to it. NaNo is a blast. Write book one but makes the notes you want for book 2 and 3 while you work. But definitely finish all three before publication. Good luck!

  12. I vote you do your own version of NaNo and set your own goals. That's what I do each year.

  13. Hi! Stopping by from the List Hop list :)

    Oh, I understand the name conundrum! I have characters with first names, no last names. I have characters with no names at all! I also have books with no titles. Ugh.

    Best of luck with whatever you write for NaNo. I'm in the process of narrowing down which idea I'm going to tackle. Have fun!!


  14. I always wanted to participate in NaNoWriMo, but November's a particularly busy month for me, so I haven't been able to do it. Your reasons for not participating are perfectly fine; you don't have to do it, and you can still write in the meantime.

  15. I think Shannon has a great idea. Do your own version of NaNo and get things going in the right direction for your stories.
    I'm not doing NaNo this year either but I did have a great time the one year I did it.

  16. Sometimes doing your own version of NaNo is the best way to go. I don't really like starting on November 1st and ending after Thanksgiving weekend - it makes Thanksgiving weekend no fun. I'm also neck deep in a project that just won't finish itself (where's my magic wand?) and I know I have too much to do for NaNo this year. However . . . I am thinking of doing a self-driving NaNo in January and part of February with about 4 days off sprinkled throughout January (family birthdays and prep for those.) What do you think - JaNo?

  17. You don't have to win NaNo to win, you know. Every word you put on paper in November is a word you don't need to write in December. :D

  18. When it comes down to what I actually write for NaNo, I just go where the inspiration is. One year, I aimed for book 2 and ended up in book 3. Sometimes, the words just flow better in different places. :)

  19. LOL! I finished the first draft book 2 and had a deadline to get it to the publisher, but I really wanted to just keep writing and pen out the first draft of book 3. I should have listened to my gut. (I also don't do NaNo.)

  20. LOL. I think the only thing that would be on my list version of this is:

    It's 10/29, and I've done zero planning.

  21. Yeah, waiting to get to seriously working on book 3 sounds like a good idea. But whatever you decide to do, good luck with 1 & 2.


  22. Wow, I think is list is more of an itemized thought process. It's cool though. Sorry your not ready for Nano, but it's good that you know it. I've never done Nano, but from what I've learned from all my friends who have, is that you really have to prepare ahead and be in it to win it. Finish book 1 and perhaps the next two will fall into place.