25 November 2015


I'm behind on a lot of things. The dishes are piling up to an obscene amount. I'm ridiculously behind on all of my TV shows (I also watch way too many TV shows). I was supposed to blog on Monday but that didn't happen. Don't even ask about writing. I know, I wasn't really writing before, but now I don't have the time or the brain capacity to do so. But at least I have a good reason.

I started my new job last week and it is exhausting. I wouldn't necessarily say it's more physically demanding than my previous job, it's just that my body isn't used to working this hard anymore. After work every day my feet and my back hurt so much that once I lay down it's hard to get back up again. The very first night I actually went to bed at 8:30. Luckily since then it hasn't been as bad but it's still a lot to get used to.

So there's a lot of adjusting to do. I'm still getting used to the whole working thing. I think once I adjust to the schedule and (hopefully) overcome the exhaustion, maybe I can get back into a routine with all of my other stuff. I just don't want to push myself too hard just yet. I don't want to force out a blog post if I don't have any ideas and don't really have the time to do it. So I'm thinking my posting will be a little sporadic for a while. If I come up with some good ideas I'll definitely try to post. Or even better, if I have some writing progress to report. But for now I'm just going to take it easy.

Luckily I have today off so I'm mostly going to try to catch up on the dishes and TV, and maybe try to squeeze in a little writing. I do have to work tomorrow though (boooooooo!) so I hope everyone else has a good Thanksgiving!


  1. Hope things get a little easier for you. It can be so hard the first couple of months at a new job. It's great you're still trying to squeeze in writing. :) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. You'll soon get into the swing of things again :) - I constantly find it a battle between wanting to write/blog when I get home from work, and wanting to sleep. Running around after thirty children all day long is surprisingly exhausting...I'm making a conscious effort tonight to write/catch up on my blog before supper, but only because I know I'll be in bed by 8pm watching Netflix ;). Hope you manage to find a balance soon!

  3. Yes, I agree that you'll likely adjust. Until then, comfortable shoes! Good luck catching up on dishes, TV, and writing. Maybe catch a few Z's before tomorrow.

  4. When I went back to work, I had some time I had to get used to working again and having a schedule and it kept me from writing. You'll adjust eventually and find ways to fit writing into your life again.

  5. I know how you're feeling. I started a new job this month too and, while the job is awesome, the changes it brings to my lifestyle has had an effect on my writing. But you know what? That's okay, because at least for the next two years, the salary I'll be getting is what will make everything possible.

    Best of luck with your new job!