27 January 2016

The Good, the Bad, and the Blogfest

I thought I would throw together another fun facts post, since I had way too many things I wanted to talk about. A few things are good, some others are not (or at least aren't yet!). Oh yeah, and some kind of blogfest, or something...

The Good

- I have this weekend off! Working every other weekend instead of every single weekend ever makes my current job infinitely better than my last one.
- My fiance had jury duty yesterday and luckily didn't get picked for a jury, plus came home early and since it was my day off, we got to go out to lunch and spend some time together.
- As much as I would have loved to go to the first ever Broadwaycon this past weekend, being in New York during the snowstorm would have been a disaster! While my main reason for not going was money, I'm glad I didn't cave in and go.
- The snowstorm didn't hit us too hard here. I walk to work, so all I had to do was put on some boots. Plus while I was working, my fiance cleaned all the snow off my car <3

The Bad

- I won't be switching to earlier hours at work because something went wrong with the person they hired to take my hours. So now I have to wait until they hire another person, and it's a really long process. Guess it's still 11-7:30 for me for a while...
- I didn't get to read any blog posts on Monday since I pretty much went to bed right after work. I also procrastinated too much on Tuesday and probably didn't get to everyone's posts like I wanted to.
- The A to Z Challenge sign ups have already begun! Can you believe it? I can't! I don't know if I can participate this year. If I can come up with a theme like, within the next week or so, then I can try to write my posts ahead of time. If I can't get them all done before April, then there's just no way I'll have time to take part.
- I have had a theme idea floating around in my head but I'm not sure if I have enough ideas for every letter: guilty pleasures. I think it could be fun but I'll I've thought of so far are a few TV shows and some junk food. I don't know if I have 26 guilty pleasures at all, let alone one for every letter of the alphabet.
- There was a bomb threat made to where I work on Monday night (and is also right up the street from my apartment). Luckily it turned out to be nothing. There have been a ton of bomb threats around my state in the news lately and they need to stop!

The Blogfest

In case you missed it, I'm hosting another Muse Party Blogfest! This one is the (Anti-) Valentine's Day Edition. Whether you love Valentine's Day or hate it, if you have a muse (or a character) you can still have fun at the party! Find out all the details and sign up here!

Well, that's pretty much all that's going on right now. Writing? you may ask. What writing? There was never any writing...kidding. I have no idea! Add that one to the bad list, I suppose. But I'm trying not to dwell on it.

Has your week been good or bad? Have any guilty pleasures? Have you signed up for the Muse Party Blogfest (you should!)??


  1. Sorry to hear about the bomb threat. That's serious stuff. We were really lucky with the snowstorm: my wife and stepkids flew home from New York a week before it hit. Still not sure about A-Z, we might be away for some of April and don't have any idea yet. I think guilty pleasures could be really good, though! The thing about guilty pleasures is you often find other people like them too, so we could have a collective reduction of guilt. Very therapeutic.

  2. Oh man! Here's hoping they get hiring fast. I've been watching all the snow pictures in my news feeds and counting my blessings for living in Florida. Yesterday it was sunny and in the upper 70's. (Not that I went out, you know. Too busy taking care of writerly stuff...)

  3. There's a Broadwaycon?!?!?!? I hate being stuck in the south. Though on the bright side, I haven't actually had to clean snow off of anything.

    I like the guilty pleasures theme. I signed up to take part in A to Z this year and have been trying to pick a theme. I have three possibilities so far. I'm waiting to see which one I end up liking the most, I guess.

  4. A bomb thread at your work? That's scary! I'm glad it was nothing and hope those threats stop.

  5. We got walloped by the storm but it wasn't that big of a deal because we didn't have to go anywhere. Boo on the not getting to change your work shift yet but not working every weekend is good.

  6. Nice you got to spend unexpected time with your fiancé!

    I don't know if I'm doing A-Z this year either. I do like your theme though, and I definitely think you could rock it. :)

  7. A bomb threat? Scary.
    I bet you could come up with something for every letter with that theme. Go ahead and sign up - then you'll have to.

  8. The A to Z Challenge is something I've been thinking about but, like you, I'd need everything ready beforehand. If you do participate, remember to back up your posts on a computer. Blogger/Blogspot is not without hiccups.

    I'm glad the bomb threats weren't more than threats. Still scary, though!

  9. Yikes! Glad the bomb threat turned out to be nothing. I bet if you asked on Twitter or FB, people would give you ideas for 26 guilty pleasures for the challenge.

  10. Thanks for the reminder on both AtoZ and Muse Party. I'm down for both, officially now that you reminded me to sign up. You should totally do AtoZ this year. I always start by just making an AtoZ list of topics. That way you can see how close you are to having 26 post ideas, and how tricky the tricky letters are going to be.

  11. I think the guilty pleasures theme will be a good one. I signed up too, but this year I'm planning to schedule my posts WAY ahead of time to get everything done. I want to visit more people this April. To find some new faces I haven't encountered by visiting my awesome regular visitors. (Like you. ;-))

  12. Guilty pleasures are a good theme. :P hmm, I can think of several that might just be book titles, movies, or shows . . . or varieties of chocolate. I wonder if I could get 26 varieties of chocolate? Wait, sorry, bad train of thought there.
    I've been writing down my "accomplishments" every other day and it's helped me actually get more done than I expected. Instead of goal lists that aren't crossed off, I have blank accomplishment lines to fill up . . . just every other day so I can manage to fill them. Sometimes, they are filled with - "needed a break and drank a cup of tea" instead of "wrote 568 words," but it helps me stay motivated.
    I love, love, love A to Z, but I'm going to stay out of the fray this year. Of course, since deciding that, I've thought of about three different topic areas. Sigh. Life is just too crazy this year. And, obviously, I comment too long when I actually comment.
    Happy life and reading and enjoying!!!

  13. Glad you didn't get snowed in, and too bad about your working hours... Hopefully the change will happen soon. Love the guilty-pleasures theme! Please, please sign up... I want to read those posts :D Stopping by from the Lost & Found gang to say a pre-hop "hi"... Looking forward to your post tomorrow!
    Guilie @ Life In Dogs & Quiet Laughter