17 February 2016

After the Party

Thanks to everyone who took part in Monday's Muse Party Blogfest, as well as those who just stopped by. Hopefully everyone had a good time with their Valentines and anti-Valentines. I know I did! It was super fun to read everyone's posts about their muses/characters.

The Muse Parties always seem very chaotic. A lot of our muses have a lot in common. For one, there is so much sarcasm and snark being thrown around that I wish I had brought some earplugs. And having that many crazy characters in one place can be dangerous. I think if these parties were real, they would end in drunken fights, random muse hookups, police involvement, and possibly the whole place burning down. While that didn't actually happen, we came pretty close. Here are just a few highlights:

- We had several awesome muses and characters show up (along with their awesome authors!), including a fairy, a Viking, and a cannibal (just don't call her that). Luckily no one was maimed or eaten.
- A lot of muses had significant others who weren't at the party so were just there for a fun time. Others wanted to flirt like crazy. I won't say which one mine was...
- I spent most of the time making sure Jordan didn’t drink any of the booze everyone else brought (so much wine!). I *should* hold off on another Muse Party until he’s 21 but I probably won’t.
- We had lots and lots of sweets and uh, roasted goat. (Yum?)
- Not everyone was too keen on wearing the dress code colors. It's all good, though. Pink isn't for everyone. "Are you saying I dressed up for nothing?" Jordan asked. "AND I could have worn gray???"
- Too many disturbing versions of spin the bottle that involved sharing drinks and all out brawls. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but letting Jordan be in charge of spin the bottle probably would have been safer.
- Jordan somehow got frosting all over his nice black shirt (I dunno, something happened with Will Scarlet on the table for at least seven minutes), but it worked out since he got a few cool t-shirts as musiversary gifts. Hopefully everyone snagged some cupcakes before he smooshed them, though.  
- I have no idea what happened to Jordan's tie. I'm not sure I want to know. 
- Various random fires. Probably more than one magic spell. And possibly some sword fights.
- Between Valentine’s Day gifts between writers and muses, plus musiversary gifts for me and Jordan, you couldn’t see the floor by the end of the party. Nothing but wrapping paper.

I'm done with the cartoons, I swear. For now...

Thanks to everyone for making the second Muse Party Blogfest a success!


  1. I think the cartoons a super cute! Wish I could have come played along at the blogfest, but I was writing the FINAL CHAPTERS of my current novel with intense deadlines. *sigh* But hey, here's some cheese for the after party!

  2. Yay for a good party! The part about Jordan and will on the table made me laugh. ;)

  3. It was a great party. I had fun jumping around and seeing the variety of muses and characters. This one definitely would have had a few brawls break out if it had been real life.

  4. I did think about you on Monday. However, I was in no-computer land while I was potty-training my son. (TMI?)

    I went back and read your post. It's fun. And I like your comics. :)

  5. Sounds like it was a great party, but my wife had lots of stuff for me to do. And my story was calling to me. :)

  6. Muses have the life, and it sounds like the best parties. :)

  7. That sounds like it was an awesome party! :)

  8. Well, you know it's not a party if the place doesn't burn down and/or the cops aren't called :)

    I'm swinging around to everyone's post today Hopefully I can hit them all before I have to be off for chores.

  9. It was a fun time. I really enjoyed reading the posts.

  10. So glad it was fun and successful. Here's to those muses.