03 January 2018

2018 Goals & Chrys Fey's Flaming Crimes Blogfest

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Ok, so I don't really like making resolutions, but I just can't help myself. I suppose I would like making them if I actually accomplished them. But they tend to fizzle out. But like every year, I've made a list again of what I'd like to get done this year!

1. Write, dammit! So the real goal is to finally finish the third draft of Uneven Lines. But first, I just have to actually write. And keep writing. This book ain't gonna write itself, otherwise it'd be long done by now.

2. Read, dammit! I once again have made it a goal to read 100 books this year. I really just want to do it once and then I will never try it again, I swear. Hopefully my monthly themes will help me get this done.

3. Be more active on social media. I feel like I haven't been doing a lot lately, and that includes blogging. I want to blog once a week and post more often on Twitter and Instagram. I'm already doing some challenges this month to help me out with this.

4. Watch 100 movies I've never seen before. I can't believe I didn't get this done in 2017! But I did get closer than ever before with 87 movies. I was purging my Netflix list at the end of the year because a lot of the movies were leaving but I still didn't make it to 100. I know I can actually do this one if I just try!

And now for something completely different...

What is something ridiculous you would save if there was a fire?

Well, my cat is ridiculous, but it certainly wouldn't be ridiculous to save him! XD

Ok, so I approached this question this way: after my husband and cat are ok, and I have my wedding rings, important papers, & my flash drive (all my writings!)...what would I grab next? What's not quite so important but I still wouldn't want to leave behind?

My Playbill binder!

This has the playbill for every musical and play I've ever been to. From My Fair Lady (first live musical ever!)...

...to Hamilton!

And I probably won't be adding to it for a while because I do not have theater money right now. Is this something I couldn't live without? No. But it's not something I'd really want to lose, either! I love musicals too much!

Series: Disaster Crimes #4
Page Count: 304 
Digital Price: 4.99 
Print Price: 16.99
Rating: Spicy (PG13) 


BLURB: Beth and Donovan are now happily married, and what Beth wants more than anything is a baby. Her dream of starting a family is put on hold as fires burn dangerously close and Donovan becomes a victim of sabotage.

Donovan escapes what could've been a deadly wreck. Their past enemies have been eliminated, so who is cutting brake lines and leaving bloody messages? He vows to find out, for the sake of the woman he loves and the life they're trying to build.

Amidst a criminal mind game, a fire ignites next to their home. They battle the flames and fight to keep their house safe from the blaze pressing in on all sides, but neither of them expects to confront a psychotic adversary in the middle of the inferno.

Their lives may just go up in flames…

About the Author: Chrys Fey is the author of the Disaster Crimes Series, a unique concept blending romance, crimes, and disasters. She’s partnered with the Insecure Writer’s Support Group and runs their Goodreads book club. She’s also an editor for Dancing Lemur Press.

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  1. You have some awesome goals. I used to read 100 books a year, but I just don't read as much. And like you, I need to sit down and write more. And get on Facebook and/or Twitter more. Hope you have a happy, productive year and make the progress you want on your writing.

  2. Love that you'd save your playbill binder. What a fun treasure to rescue from a disaster.

    I just set a Goodreads goal of 100 books this year. First time I've ever done it. I think it's doable, but we'll see. I really do like your theme approach to your reading goal.

    Happy New Year - Ellen

  3. I set my reading goal for 100 books once or twice before. I reached it but it was a push. I'd rather have my reading be more relaxed. :)

    Good luck with all of your goals!

  4. Those are sound goals! 100 movies sounds like a whole lot, but if I think about how many shows I catch up on on my DVR, it would probably be about the same time frame.

  5. A hundred movies! Whoa. I can't imagine that. These days, I'm lucky to see 20 in a year and it's probably less. Now a hundred TV episodes I could do, thanks to Netflix.

  6. If I had a Playbill binder, you better believe I'd be saving that.

    I don't think I've seen 100 movies in the past few years. I used to be better at that. I did have a 100 books in a year goal once, and ended up with 103 books. I've never gotten close to it since.

    And happy writing...I really can't wait to read Uneven Lines someday.

  7. That would be a cool thing to save!
    I should count new movies this year. Bet I hit well over a hundred.

  8. You can't go wrong with reading and writing. It always makes you a better writer. Good luck this year!

  9. Watching 100 new movies sounds like a lot of fun. Like MJ, though, I don't get to see many new movies.

    "my cat is ridiculous" Haha! I have one of those. ;)

    Your Playbill binder is really neat. I love that. A great memento to save.

    Thanks for participating in my blog hop!

  10. Save the Cat! That Playbill binder looks like a great keepsake, and a good choice to save. Hope you get some writing done this year!

  11. Good luck with your goals!

  12. Thanks for sharing your playbill folder. 100 movies! That's a lot of cinema--then again, considering how much time my hubs spends in front of the TV, we could probably reach that goal together. Do you find all those movies and plays helpful to your fiction writing? May 2018 bring you peace, clarity, and lots of writing time.

  13. Your first and third goals mirror mine. This year I'm going to finish my story. And there's no point putting off social media any longer. I need to jump in there with both feet. 100 books is A LOT! Good luck with your goals.

  14. I think I'm a bit envious at all the wonderful plays and musicals you've seen, and keeping the playbills! What a treasure. I'd love to read 100 books a year but I'm such a slow reader... I keep my goal manageable at 40. And yes, I have to write, damn it, too!

  15. Your Playbill collection is cool! Definitely something to save from a fire.

  16. I listen to a lot of audiobooks. That's why I'm able to get through so many books. Good goal!

  17. Happy New Year, Sarah! Your playbill book is so cool. What are some of your favorite musicals? I love Les Mis, Starlight Express, and Wicked. My sister has acted in some musicals and they're quite the sensory experience. Good luck with your goals and congratulations to Chrys!

  18. Great goals. A good save of something that reflects a piece of the history of your life. Happy 2018
    Juneta @ Writer's Gambit

  19. The playbill collection is pretty good. My husband and I saw Spamalot and Wicked in Chicago, but I have no idea if we saved the playbills.

  20. Hi Sarah, lot's of great stuff here! I'll single out watch 100 movies I've never seen before. Life is too short. Watch those movies!

  21. Good luck with your goals, Sarah. I saw Hamilton last year and LOVED it. The playbill for that show is definitely worth saving!

  22. Good luck with your goals Sarah. My 2018 goals are write a lot, read a lot, get fit and spend less time on social media.

    Rachna Chhabria
    Co-host IWSG
    Rachna's Scriptorium

  23. Good luck with your goals! 100 movies and 100 books sounds like a lot to me. I need to be faster at reading. Those playbills do make fun souvenirs.

  24. Good luck with your goals! I'd definitely save the Playbill binder.

  25. I wish I had more time to read, like I used to, but I never could have read 100 books in one year, even with nothing to do. I like to savor my reading. My brain just doesn't go fast like that when I'm ingesting a story. I'm amazed at people who can do it.

    Good luck to you with all your goals, writing and otherwise!

  26. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I like your movie challenge; I may try a version of it for myself. I think your Playbill binder would be something wonderful to save. All the best with your 2018 goals.

  27. The playbill binder is so neat. Definitely worth saving! My reading goal is the same as yours this year. I squeaked in 100 at the end of last year. Good luck! :)