10 January 2018

Productive! (but not actually writing...)

So one of my resolutions was to get back to blogging once a week, and well, I didn't blog on Monday like I usually would do. But hey, it's still the second week so it doesn't really matter which day I blog, now does it?

Anyway, I feel somewhat productive so far. I have been reading more than usual, just not as fast as I'd like. I picked my first book off the shelf for my Clear the Bookshelf! themed month (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black), and I'm also reading The Weekend Novelist for the IWSG book club. I kinda hoped I'd be done with both by now and onto a few new books. Plus I promised myself I could reread Call Me By Your Name once I did (been dying to since I saw the movie a few weeks ago), but it hasn't happened. Plus there's that sexuality in Ancient Greece book I still need to look through. And I can't exactly clear the bookshelf by only reading one book that was waiting on the shelf. I'm not a crazy person or anything.

Social media! This is where I've been doing my best. I've been taking part in two (and a half-ish) challenges on Twitter and Instagram. #WIPjoy on Twitter which I've always wanted to do, but I've been very nervous about. It can be scary to share stuff about your WIP, especially when my book idea is controversial. But like I said on day one of the challenge, this is the year where I say screw it! It's fun to share different aspects about my book and to see people actually respond to it.

One of the most fun things was creating an aesthetic for Uneven Lines, which I've never done (and I've been working on it for almost 7 years!). I made it for Day 6 for WIPjoy and I'm using it again today on Instagram for #Storymakers18. It was really tricky to decide on images (plus finding free ones that I thought fit my story) but it was so much fun and I luuuuuuuuuurve it.

Now, here's the problem: I HAVEN'T DONE ANY WRITING. Oh sure, I'm spending lots of time thinking about my book, finding pictures for it, searching it for lines to share. But I haven't written a single word. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? I could have edited three chapters by now! It's probably because I'm too busy doing all the other stuff. 

I think there's an upside to this. At least I'm thinking about the book all the time. I actually fell asleep last night thinking about the next scene I have to edit. So I hope if I keep it up this will lead to actual writing/editing. If I just sit my butt down with my laptop and actually start doing it. We'll see...


  1. Yes, that's good that you are thinking about your book and doing some things in the background that might help it. Waiting for to get The Weekend Writer from the library. Like you, I'm reading more.

  2. Easy to get distracted by thinking. But at least you are thinking.
    Are you participating in the IWSG's monthly Instagram challenge?

  3. I discovered the #WIPjoy through you. It's been a lot of fun so far, but you're right, it's a bit scary to put yourself out there. Love your aesthetic.

    Cheers - Ellen

  4. I like The Weekend Novelist; I have a copy of it on my bookshelf too! I don't know if I could ever do as extensive of an outline as that book suggests, but I like a lot of its ideas and suggestions for writers.

  5. I'm reading a lot, but it's all editing work for DLP, so no books are flying off my shelf. Like you, no writing, which I wish I had time for again.

  6. Thinking is the first step. Now you just have to take 15 minutes a day and put some of that stuff on paper. You can do it!

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    1. Gah! Just having issues trying to comment on your post today. ><