01 December 2021

Is It Over Yet?

It's the first Wednesday of the month, which means it's the posting day for the Insecure Writer's Support Group! Click here to learn more and sign up! 

This month's opitional question is: In your writing, what stresses you the most? What delights you?

What stresses me the most? You mean besides EVERYTHING?? Right now, it's probably thinking about all of the work I still have to put into my book. I've been working on it forever and there's still so much I want to change. And I still don't know what to do with the last third of it, especially the ending. 

What delights me the most is when everything clicks and I'm able to figure something out. It can be anything from a major plot point to just figuring out how to rewrite a sentence. It always feels good when you know you've done something right. 

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for this year to be over. It's been a rough one for me. I've been really burnt out for a while and I actually haven't written anything in months. I haven't even been reading for a while, either. I'm hoping the new year can give me a boost of motivation to start getting back to normal and getting things done.

Are you glad the year is ending? What stresses or delights you about your writing? 


  1. I hope you feel inspired to read and write in 2022. I can't help thinking that working on the new manuscript you were excited about may help you make more progress than struggling to finish the one you've worked on for ages. I have one of those too that I finally put away for awhile. I'm glad I did.

  2. I love that Click!! feeling :)
    Be kind to yourself - it's been a difficult year (two years!) in so many ways. Here's to 2022 being Your year!

  3. Hope it clicks soon.
    I thought last year was bad - and then we hit this one. Yes, it can end.

  4. I love those moments where things click, big or small. It's a great feeling.

    I think a lot of people are ready for this year to be over. Like Jemi said, it's been a difficult couple of years, so be kind to yourself. Things will start clicking for you again soon. <3

  5. I haven't had much 'clicking' recently but that happens when I travel. Wishing you the merriest and healthiest Holiday Season...and much 'clicking'!

  6. Those little aha moments are the best feeling in the world. They bring joy to the writing process.

    I hope next year brings joy, peace, and improvement.

  7. Forgiveness is the best gift one can give themselves, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or atheist. Hugs, writer pal... we are all insecure and feel of no consequence at all sometimes.

    2022 has got to be better - the pandemic slog has smothered us too long!

  8. I haven't written in a while either - too busy with DLP stuff.

    2022 has got to see some of this NONSENSE ending! And I don't just mean the pandemic.

  9. I'm in no hurry for the year to end. Because once we hit January, Michigan becomes cold and dreary, and all I can do is impatiently wait for April to roll around. But if the end of the years clears the cobwebs for you, then I wish you a speedy December.

  10. I'm ready for this year to end. It started out horribly but is ending much better. Still, with the covid cases are rising I worry about our families, esp. the little ones who are too young for the vax.

  11. It seems that every year the past few have been gaining in viscosity. It's difficult to wade through! But life's simple pleasures as living in the moment helps...

    I hope next year brings a better outlook!

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  13. What stresses me the most is when the scenes don't come to mind in the proper order.

  14. We have to take the delightful with the stressful - it's part of the overall package - can't have one without the other, hey?

  15. Hopefully 2022 is better to all of us!


  16. Hang in there! Hopefully you had a great NYE! Last year I definitely felt burned out. Cheers to 2022, and may your new year be full of happiness and great writing!