06 March 2024

Lists Upon Lists Upon Lists

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How is it March already? How am I so behind on my goals for the year?? I got a fancy new planner for Christmas and I've barely used it, even though I swore this would be the year that I stuck with it (who was I kidding?). Well, I'm determined not to give up, even if I hit a few setbacks. 

This week I dove right back into the planner. I really have to focus on losing weight, so that's the majority of what I'm doing, but I'm also writing down goals for the week, whether that's errands or cleaning or doing my taxes (I've never been this late doing them...I usually get them done the second we get our W-2s), and making sure I read at least 30 minutes and floss my teeth every day. So, it's a start!

Of course, I'd like to add writing (or at least writing related activities) to my planner, but where to start? I've had so many different ideas and goals that I don't even know what to focus on first. 

Well, since I could easily work this into my planner, I think I need to make some lists! Making lists is easy! It's doing them that gets trickier. But the first step is to make them! 

I know I want to go through my past blog posts and make a list of all of the ideas I've had to get myself back into writing. That's probably where I need to start. But then all of those ideas could probably spawn lists of their own! Soon I'll have lists of lists of lists! 

But seriously, I think if I actually write down my goals, it will help me to be able to accomplish them. Instead of just having all of these ideas and this pressure floating around in my head, I can actually have something in front of me that I can look at and choose what to do next. I think part of the reason why I haven't been doing anything creative is that I feel overwhelmed. If I can focus on just one tiny task at a time, it might actually lead to some productivity. 

Now the next step is to actually do it! Instead of just saying that I'm going to do it...I should probably write it in my planner. 

Do you make lists to help you with your writing goals? 


  1. Lists of lists - that sounds like too much!
    I usually only have on creative idea at a time, so it's a short list.

  2. I'm a big fan of lists, although sometimes I do end up with lists for my lists.

  3. I absolutely do make lists. I make a list of the goals for the year. Then I have goals for each month. Then I make a list of goals for each week. Then I make a list of the goals for each day. Somedays, I do better much than others at crossing things off those lists, but I do love that feeling of crossing things off the list.

  4. Hi, Sarah! I make lists to help me with everything ~ lol! Good luck with your planning. Have fun visiting around today!

  5. I feel you, as I've been in the exact same place with wanting to accomplish things and not doing them. And the thing with me is how inconsistent I am at where I keep my lists. Sometimes in Google Docs, sometimes on my phone app, sometimes on a piece of paper... and then I never revisit them. *hangs head*

    I hope you get your lists figured out!

  6. I have all sorts of lists. I find them super useful in being productive as it frees up space in my mind. I don't have to try to remember what to do, I just need to consult the list.

  7. I also have lists. Lots of lists. And you're right, feeling overwhelmed definitely sucks the life from the creative spark. I'm also behind on all of the things you listed and I need to lose weight.

  8. Absolutely! I can't function without lists. They keep me on task and ensure I don't forget anything.