20 November 2013

Things I'm Doing Today

It's time for another list! Because I don't have time for a real post! Kinda sorta like my fun facts. But instead, here's a list of the various writing and non-writing things I am doing today. Hope it's worth a chuckle.

Today I am:

  • Working a double. Yay. 
  • Looking forward to the next four days off! 
  • Accepting the impending doom that is my NaNo defeat. I've barely gotten past 20,000 words. It's not looking good. But hey, four days off, you never know. 
  • Procrastinating. On several things. Activating my new phone. Finding a hotel room for my trip. Grocery shopping. Not a lot of fruits, veggies, or pretty much anything to make dinner with, but there's lots of yogurt and waffles! 
  • Totally cheating on my diet. I've lost about 8 pounds so far, but I also have absolutely no will power. Plus, you know, no food. Which results in either take out or bringing food home from work. So even the salads will make you fat. 
  • Making a motivational playlist. It seemed like a good idea. I may or may not share it once it's done. Because, you know, spaz. 
  • Geeking out that Catching Fire, the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, and Frozen all premiere within a week of each other. And that week is almost here. So much geekery, so little time. 
  • Feeling a serious need to go shoe shopping. I mean, it's getting cold. I need boots! Nice boots. With heels. In several colors. 
  • Anticipating the end of NaNo and the return to editing. Really, really want to get my book query ready. Don't get me wrong, I like my NaNo book, but focusing completely on that is giving me withdrawals. 
  • Still having absolutely no idea what to do for my 100th post. 
What is everyone else up to today? 


  1. "So much geekery, so little time." <---Love that. I feel this way all the time.

    I haven't accepted my (probably) inevitable NaNo defeat yet. Maybe tomorrow...

    Enjoy your time off.

    1. There's still time! I hope you make some progress with your time off, too.

  2. Hey, as someone pointed out only a few days ago, you're a winner with NaNo just for participating. Those 20K words? Those didn't exist before--so that's a major win.

    Hey, while you're boot shopping, pick me out something, eh? ;)

    1. That's a good way of looking at it. At least it's a start.

  3. You're not alone with NaNo problems... I've decided I'm done with it. Basically, NaNo project = snore, Castaway Colors (my main project) = squee. Am I a bad person?

    1. Uggggh I know what you mean. I miss my other book. I miss writing from that narrator's point of view, and figuring things out that I need to edit. I kind of just want NaNo to be over but I don't want to give up yet.

    2. Definitely, if you can push through NaNo, it will pay off in spades. Just ten more days!

  4. I hear you on the days off- in two days I'll be off for nine days straight, whoo! And I'll be going to see Catching Fire... And also making the best scrumptious home made sugar cookies you've ever tasted! =)