27 March 2015

A Week in Tweets

I had several different ideas for what to blog about today. Too many, actually. I could probably talk for days about this third book idea, or the characters in it who I'm obsessing over. And then I realized I've been tweeting a lot this week. Much more than usual. And I figured I've already mentioned every topic I'd like to bring up over there, so maybe I'll bring the tweets to the blog!

Lazy, you say? Pfft. I had to take screenshots of all of these! Which is kinda why I limited it to ten. But here's pretty much all that's been going on since Monday...

1. A seemingly insignificant character decides to do a seemingly insignificant thing, and then suddenly you have a whole freaking novel.

2. Tweeting under the influence.

3. You guys are silly. First of all, Jordan. Duh. And then as I came to realize (and rant for several tweets more), half of my family, people I know, favorite celebrities and authors have J names. Also, I was still a little tipsy. 

4. Gizmo has a milestone! And I'm slightly concerned!

5. Oh, Adam, I love you. I should probably give you a last name. Or a flaw...


7. My 3000th tweet! Also the (maybe) first line for this third book! 

8. Kind of my favorite line of dialogue from the 5 pages I've already written (because I'm crazy). 

9. My iPhone is stalking me...

10. A very important question from a very important person. 

Well, that's about it. Hopefully it was interesting! Anyone have any good tweets this week? 


  1. LOL -that was way fun! That's how I feel about characters that pop up and want to take over the story, or when they have no flaws. I love that first line idea - it rocks!
    And nieces are just their own kind of sweet and sassy, aren't they?
    It looks like you had a great week! Happy weekend!

  2. Hahaha, sounds like you had a fun time in the Twitterverse. :D

  3. Chuckled through your week of tweets! Have a great weekend.