20 March 2015

Blog Hop Help!

I know, I know, I said I probably wouldn't blog today. And if you're reading this, I'm most likely still on a bus right now. But I actually wrote this yesterday when I was struck with an idea and decided I really wanted some input.

So my 4th blogging anniversary (or blogiversary, or however you're supposed to spell it) is coming up at the end of May. I've thought for a while now that I'd want to do something to celebrate, probably some sort of blog hop or fest, but I felt my initial idea was a bit too complicated.

But anyway, I came up with another idea which I thought was simpler and could be a lot of fun! But I would really like to see what people think before I start really developing the idea.

I was initially going to call it "Have You Been Paying Attention?" but then I thought of a much better name: "The Great Blog Scavenger Hunt." (Or something along those lines). Basically the idea would be that anyone participating would ask a certain number of questions (maybe around 10?) to their blog followers, asking certain questions that they have at some point answered on their blog. Since I'm sure no one wants to spend their entire day hunting through old blog posts, I figured there could be levels of difficulty. Like, the easiest ones could be found on the first page or in your bio. Next hardest could be things you've mentioned several times. Hardest could be one time things. And the people guessing can answer however many of the questions they want.

Here's where I'm having some difficulty figuring it out, or maybe it's just becoming too complicated in my head. I don't really know what the end result will be. I had a thought that maybe I could go through all of the posts, find the person who answered the most correct questions, and that person gets an Amazon gift card from me or something. Also I wasn't sure about what should happen when someone gets the correct answer. Should the blogger update their post to say so? Or maybe that could be recommended but not required. If I do the prize thing, I would still be able to see who got the answer first. But at some point the blogger *would* have to list the correct answers, and I'm not sure if that's too much to ask of people. I also thought that if people weren't getting them all, you could put up hints.

Ok, I'm obviously putting way too much thought into this right now and I think I just have to step away from the idea for a bit. But what do you guys think? Would it be something you'd be interested in doing? How much would you be willing to do or how can I make it less complicated?

Or, my original idea was a sort of "muse party." I "host" a party on my blog where you can bring your muse or a character from one of your books. I'll provide a series of questions that you can answer on your blog (like, what are you guys wearing? Did you bring food or a gift? etc). Would that be easier? I thought I was leaning toward the new idea more, but the more I explained it, the simpler my original idea seems, and it kinda fits in with my blog more.

AGH. I don't know. I'm sorry I'm so awkward. But I would love any and all opinions on this!


  1. It's a cool concept, but after doing dozens of blogfests, I confess it sounds a bit complicated. Unless the ten things were super easy and people could just guess if they didn't know. As for picking the winner, it would be easier if the participants emailed you the person who got the most right.

  2. Usually you want to keep things simple. Otherwise, you risk people not participating because they don't have time or don't want to commit. Your muse party seems simple enough though. I'd participate in that.

  3. A muse party sounds good. :)

  4. I like the concept! I wonder if a prize might be the thing that overcomplicates the situation. Maybe it should just be for fun. I don't know.

  5. Being naturally awkward myself, that all made total sense to me. Just a thought...what if each person who joins the hop gives out a prize for their winner (bloggers choice of whatever from ebook to small gift card) and then you could take all the winners and do a drawing for the grand prize.

    I've done hops where there is a prize at every stop and they have been pretty popular with readers. Kathy at I'm a Reader, Not a Writer hosts them periodically. I've joined a couple. She actually charges $5 for blogger and the grand prize is usually a kindle

  6. Hey, I think we are both a part of Stormy's sidekicks! Nice to meet you:)

  7. They both sound good, but I think I like the Muse Party better! Each blogger has to answer the same questions with a character or Muse.
    Could be fun!