02 January 2015

Getting Off on the Right Foot

If I were to stick to an ideal blogging schedule, I would post something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I've been able to pull it off in the past, but I'm not always consistent from week to week. Fridays are definitely my worst day. If I don't have a good idea for a post or just don't feel like writing one, I usually won't. I'll tell myself that no one really looks at other blogs on Fridays anyway so what's the point? 

Well, not today! 

Since today is my first actual posting day of the new year, I didn't want to slack off. I wanted to start things out right. Maybe I won't post three days every single week throughout 2015, but if I don't at least try, I never will. And if I skip today, then it'll just kill my motivation even more. 

So I don't really have all that much to say today. I haven't really started any of my major goals yet (besides trying to read every day), but I'm hoping to really get the motivation going next week. I plan on spending the weekend planning things out, maybe even writing a few blog posts ahead of time. I at least want to map out the entire month of January for my posts, so that way each day I'll know what I'm going to write. 

As far as editing/rewriting goes, I have no idea how I'll even start. But I guess like everything else, I'll be taking it one step at a time. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I used to blog MWF when I first started blogging, but it took up a lot of time and I ran out of things to blog about. So it's okay if you don't blog three days a week every week, especially since it sounds like you spend a lot of time writing other stuff anyway.

  2. Sarah - You seem to struggle with blogging, as you've mentioned and since you put it out there, I'll ask. Do you like blogging? What's the most fun you have with it? And what do you like least?

  3. Good luck with the blogging schedule! I have never been good at planning posts ahead of time, but I know that some people have a lot of success with it, and it can definitely make things less stressful!

  4. Until recently my blogging schedule for one of my blogs (I have two in total) claimed that I posted every Monday and Friday... which just wasn't happening.

    So I've decided to condense my two "weekly" posts in to one super Sunday post... and actually put some effort in this time

    Good luck from another non-follower of schedules :)