30 January 2015

Some Random Stuff...

I couldn't quite figure out what to blog about today, but I had a lot of little things on my mind, so I figured I'd just go with that! Time for a list!
  • I’m making cupcakes this weekend to bring to my sister’s house for the Super Bowl. I was contemplating making an actual cake, but you know, cupcakes are kinda my thing. Pictures sometime next week!
  • I’m already behind on my reading goal for this year, having just finished my first book. Why do I always want to read 100 books every year? I never even come close! I’m going to try to read a few shorter books or ones I know I can fly through to try to catch up.
  • Speaking of books, I got the new Anne Rice book for Christmas, but it’s been so long since I’ve read the Vampire Chronicles that I feel like I should reread them before diving into the new one. But that would take FOREVER. There’s always Wikipedia, right?
  • I’m pretty certain that I’m going to do some kind of blogfest for my fourth blog anniversary! I think I’ve got a fun idea and will most likely do a giveaway (probably an Amazon gift card). It’s not until May, though, so I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.
  • Have you signed up for the A to Z Challenge yet?? I actually have a theme planned for this year! I just have to work on planning my posts out. I’d really like to have most of them written before April begins. Then I could just spend the whole month looking at other blogs!
  • I’m hoping to get lots and lots of writing done tonight. At least 2,000 words. It would be great if I could actually write this scene that I’ve been thinking about instead of keeping it buzzing around in my head. 
That's it, I think. Or I could just keep going forever. Have a good weekend, everyone!!


  1. I had a 100 book goal one year. Made it across the finish line with the help of some Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novels.

    Do you think you could drop some cupcakes off at my house before the Superbowl? Or an actual cake, even. I'm not picky. =)

    Happy writing!

  2. I have nearly finished my second book this year I think. Don't think I could do 100 a year even though I would love to have the time. Hope the cupcakes are a success and that you get an excellent writing session this evening.

  3. You know, if you're looking for a short book for your list, I know of an excellent novella. ;)

    Cupcakes sound good. I'm not a sweets person myself, unless it's Red Bull. But chips and salsa will be my downfall come Sunday.

    Best of luck writing words!

  4. Go for cupcakes.
    Glad you have a theme in mind for the Challenge.

  5. Yay for cupcakes! It was my brother-in-law's birthday yesterday, and I ate two. So yummy. Have fun at your sisters! And go you on the writing!

  6. I should have read this earlier. I could have taken cupcakes to the Super Bowl party. Rats. Making a note for next year.