05 January 2015

Jordan Takes Over: What Should I Write About?

**The first Monday of every month, I let my muse take over the blog. I apologize in advance.**

Happy New Year! How's everyone doing?

Ok, was that as weird for you as it was for me? Blech. No, I did not make a New Year's resolution to be nicer or anything. That would just be way too difficult. Plus, you know, if you're a cool person I really don't have any reason to be a jackass to you. So there.

Anyway, before I forget what I wanted to write about...so I know my December post was all about me, me, me!!! Or maybe every post is like that...No, that's not true! I know it. I've given you some good advice before, right? No one's gonna get all cranky just because I wanted all the attention during my birthday month.

Well, ok, here's the thing. I've been accused of being selfish at least once (We won't talk about that. Let's just say I won that fight. Fuck, I even won the make up. Let this be a lesson to you people...), and yeah, maybe sometimes it's true. And I know what I'm about to say is just going to make you think I'm lazy or something, but here goes:

The big question is: What do you want me to write about? 

It's not like I can't come up with ideas on my own. Sometimes I procrastinate, sure, but I get the job done. *wink wink* But I thought I would try reaching out to whoever actually cares about reading what I have to say. So I want you to comment with questions or topics you'd like me to provide my unique perspective on in the upcoming months.

So my favorite topics are usually: inspiration, characters, voice, writers being stupid, MYSELF. What kind of things would you like to know coming directly from a character/muse? What things do you find yourself screaming while you shake your fists in the air and curse your muse for not inspiring you? Or if you just want me to talk about myself, then I certainly don't have a problem with that.

I promise, no matter how silly or serious the question, I will try to answer it. If no one has any questions, or just doesn't care, well then, at least I had a topic for this month just by asking. HA. See? I always win.



  1. I would like some insight into your character, his family, his friends, his time at school and home. You could have fun creating flash fiction stories for your blog when he takes over. That would also generate interest in your writing/book. :)

  2. Winning is everything. I think Chrys has a good idea. That way you can be doing two things at one time. Good luck and keep up the winning.

  3. Flash fiction is always a lot of fun! My vote goes for that too. I love hearing about characterization and voice since I'm a character-driven writer. Have a fantastic 2015! :)

  4. Hey Jordan! Let's see you write on your theory that women are from Venus and men from Mars. 😊

  5. I believe that everything we write is essentially about us even if not directly about our lives. After all what we write comes out of our heads and usually involves something that interests or at least intrigues us so the topic in a way is about us. Just write about whatever inspires you at the moment. If you write it well, then readers will be sucked in and just maybe keep coming back for more pleasure or punishment whatever the case may be. 50 shades of whatever--yeah, that's it.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Inspiration is one topic I need. I vote for that, :)

  7. All the above are great ideas. Flash fiction will hon your skills. Perhaps have the antagonist write a post for a change. Good luck.