24 April 2014

U is for Undertaking

Today is my only day off, so the word of the day is undertaking because of the very long list of goals that I will be attempting. I probably won't get everything done, but hey, the first one on the list is writing this blog post. Check!

I've been way too lazy all morning so I feel like I've already wasted too much time. But first I need coffee. Then I'm going to try to get this chapter done and send it off to my readers. I made a little more progress yesterday but still wasn't able to finish it. I want to get to the next chapter because I think I can rewrite it in about five seconds.

I want to visit a lot of blogs today, too. My plan is to leave a comment on 30 blogs. I've got a notebook open to make tally marks. Then I have some errands to run, too. Blech. But mostly today will be filled with writing. So off I go!

Side note: I almost posted this with the "T" badge instead of the "U." I think I'll finish my coffee before doing anything else...


  1. Hee hee, hope you have a great and productive day off!

  2. I love to make lists of the things I need to do because it's so much fun to check each thing off. :)

    30 blogs? I was just going to say that's amazing, but I suppose I visit around that much everyday for this Challenge.

  3. Good luck on your list. I am trying to visit new blog today. I love A-Z but it is tiring lol.

    Brandon Ax: Writer's Storm

  4. 30 blogs is definitely a lot, good for you for being so active! Good luck finishing your chapter, I'm sure it will be a relief to get through with it (for the time being, anyways!)

  5. Wow, thirty blogs is ambitious. I'm glad I was on the list :) Enjoy your coffee!

  6. Good luck with your 30 blogs. I hope you accomplished your goal and got your coffee.